finally after dunno how many weeks, i finally can sleep as long as i want and wake up whenever i want.


physics paper today wuz ok for paper 1,

paper 2, hmmmmmm... structure ques wuz ok, but not essay.. XD teacher dint even teach before ... i mean, dint even mention about that particular things before... and the JPS fella expect us to know watz that about.

eh, come on larh... dont u know malaysia's students are DUMB in those things???


btw, itz over~ itz useless complaining here right now, as if they are gonna correct it... hahax..






these days i think im gonna gila facebook keep followin evanyo ledi... XDXDXD

in the mean while... i have to start my lifeless plan...

because of my mom... T.T

further update later~



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