i feel like im damn lazy to blog now..is like nothing for me to blog about it.. if got oso... after i finnish typin everything, setting up everything, the second before i click the button 'post' i will feel so.. lazy, erm.. i should say it as .. i dont have to feel to post it. itz so meaningless.. i'ved lost the semangat of blogging.


not to say blogging is the waste of time. but for me, SPM is coming very soon, and if i continue blogging about some childish things about me, it is really a waste of time.


everytime, when i started to study, i really feel the sleepiness. really.  maybe exam will be the force pushing myself to study. i dont know why, every exam period, i really have the spirit to push myself to study. unlike normal days without exam. i wont feel like study any single thing. i will just be like a lifeless people.

everyday wake up, eat, watch tv , online, play piano, watch tv, online, sleep.

and that is why im soooo fat. this is the major reason~


i dont know whether my spm results will be as what i aim.


zhong jiii, wish me good luck,

i will blog lesser  after this. bb

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