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time passes sooooo fast

so fast... tomorrow is OUR GRADUATION DAY!!!!



this is what we dream about,

but the only question with me now~ is do i make you proud?????

<noooooooo  XD>


i waited this day for ssooooo long...

finally it comes.i should be happy, but the only thing spoil my mood for tomorrow,making me soo worry is... the clx performance

erm... frankly larh, i feel dat out clx performance very cacated XD

i seriously very scared tomorrow it wont go on smoothly...


and now, my throat is still pain.. 

deng deng deng deng~~~~~




by the way, tomorrow will surely rain one.. hahax trust me~ coz some ppl are singing tomorrow~


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ok.. abt today,  i feel kinda tired larh...

itz quite 'interesting' day actually.

let see ....


this morning, 7 something, yee ing called me.. kinda shoutin at me larh, like normal larh or mayb my fon's speaker is too loud, wtv

she ask me y i din go skl.. i marh say lorh , im goin, just later... XD then cont sleepin


then when i woke up, they told me, change song. dont wat officially missing you. i wuz like... WATT!!???? i wasted the whole nite not to study but to memorize the lyrics... now tell me liddet... so, i wuz quite pissed that time.

then print those things for them lorh... luckily i print 1 copy oni, if not they all simply throw all over the clx.. XD


ok, i went skl at around 10 something.. walkin to skl.. under the hot hot sun

then when i almost reach skl, OMG!! i saw mr victor comin out!!!! walao, he goin into his car, and looking at the back mirror... i wuz like... waaa., how to hide arh, hide behind trees???? erm, can larh but when he drive away dat time oso he can see... so i wuz .. aiya.. nvm larh... just walk into the skl oni larh!!! so.. i just walk lorh.

luckily mr victor dint like,faster go down the car and say ' hey u !! ya u girl!!! why you come late to skl???"


the moment i stepped into the skl, the guard asked me, 'eh amoi!!! baru datang ke???' i wuz speechless .. then i smile smile then chiao.. hahax


then i climb all the way up the stairs to clx.... normally doin that is already tiring. walkin+rushin to skl + climbin all the way up there is soo tiring.


i wuz sweating like hell...

ok finally reached my clx. then the sei toh yew king said...' wahhhh!!! michelle!!! better u dont come larh!!! '

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erm.. i just watched these vid... 

itz.. funny.. hahax..  (=.='')




erm.. hahax.. actually, im nosy ppl..  

coz i always ask ppl ... wat wat wat.. wat happened?? or why.. why .. WHY???? whenever they just burst into laughter all of sudden... erm.. i mean , for some stupid reasons...



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还是感情用事?? 还是胡思乱想??压力太大??(绝对不可能!!)




例如,‘交叉点’(我还会重录的T.T)。 也许你们当中有些会觉得我们的歌很普通,甚至觉得难听,但对我们而言,他很好听,因为他对我们的意义非常重大,好歹我们也花了几个月的时间完成XD。老实说,我对于歌的要求很高,不容有一点的暇疵。但也因为那次的经验,让我体会了作歌有多难。所以就算我听到的歌再难听,我也不会过份批评(我只会批评唱的人XD)。


很多东西,明明就没什么特别,但有些人就把他说的有多好、有多天才..... 这有两种可能,第一就是他们的品味有问题; 第二,那东西对他们意义重大。就这么简单。








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  • Oct 16 Fri 2009 01:04
  • 所有




所有咒我全家的人, 你给我小心一点(发挥天蝎座本色XD)

所有爱我的人, 我也爱你们~!
















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time passes really fast~

itz mid of oct now.... erm.. ya.. spm is coming very soon


the best thing for me to do now is to ponteng skl mon - wed ~ and only go skl thursday n friday

now i know why.. WHY people like to ponteng skl... itz really NIIICEEE~ so shiok to ponteng skl~ XDXD

studyin at home~ h.a.h.a


people always ask me, u can study @ home meh???

my answer is... 'yes, i can'

ok, why,

because i must on my comp oni i can concentrate and study. if not i will felt asleep easily. seriously larh~


dont wanna talk much ledi larh. zhong ji, ponteng rawks!! aaaahahaha

erm. jk XD

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yes.. im a nerd~

guess wat... thurs mira asked us to pass arnd the paper which have our clx pos with all the results...

and what made me damn bloooody dissapointed wuz (ignore the 3rd place in clx... ) but my grades are ONLY 5A5B and 1C.. WHAT???? C?????? OMG!!! stupid sej... ish... and after dat, pn ooi said to us...



ok, mayb some of u dont even give a damn shit about it larh.. but for me larh, i feel sad about it.

we actually just dissapoint our teachers.



apart frm this~

our GRADUATIOIN DAY!!!!! 3 more weeks~~~


weee~~~ 30 of october~

lookin forward for that day while studyin for SPM~~

5 more weeks to SPM ~

straight As~~ please come to me~~~



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