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  • Nov 25 Wed 2009 22:44
  • $$$$$




ok, this is a post about home decoration.. tsk tsk.. basically, i start need $$ to buy my own things .. seriously need $$$$ urgently!!!!


my home, hmm..for those who came my house before should know my house is actually not THAT messy... it looks kinda nead. BUT!! when you come to my ROOM or my maid's room OR my BROTHER's room... i think you will faint.


if i got $$, i will just re-renoate the whole house~ i mean.. buy some new stuff that i my family need it. i dont know whether you have this problem or not. which is YOUR bed is full of stuffs which are NOT belonging to you. under my bed.. there are lots of things which i dont even remember wth are they XD (what to do?? too much).. actually this happens after we came back from China for stayin there 1 whole year.



and guess what, since my cousin, his wife and his cute little daughter stay here while waiting for their house to finnish renoating... my brother is sleeping with me... yes... sleeping same bed. actually it really sounds odd... seriously odd~ ok back to topic. !! so , both of his guitars are at my room. I really feel like my room is like a store room instead of a bed room + study room .. w.t.ehf... 2 violins, 2 guitars, 2 music stands.. one big cupboard which i never use before (its full of my mom's stuff inside actually),by brother's toys.. (i dont understand why is it in my room), my dad's stuffs are also here... it really makes my room like a store room instead of sleeping room and study room XD XD. my uncle's files (which he is in hk..agn, i dont even understand WHY must he put his files here... cant he just scan it into computer and save it??? XD) AND!!!! FULL OF BAGS lugage!!!

as if im the one who always travel around (its my dad actually).. sooo nice if its real... awh~


i really wish i could throw out those things which are not a even a little bit related to me.. i mean, i dont need it...


actually, this not only happens to me, same goes to my brother. his room is already small, and yet.. the files, toys, my mom's cupboard... u know larh~


erm.. actually this post is for a contest to win $$ geh~


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  • Nov 25 Wed 2009 17:31
  • 25/11

time passes soo fast~ teehee

from last time, i kept hoping SPM dont come so fast.. and now, spm is gonna end... i'ved settle 7 subjects, 4 more heavy subjects to go~which are BIO, PHYSICS &CHEM.. oh ya! and also BC



you guyz might wonder why i say bc is a heavy subject...  easy!!! BECAUSE, i dint really study bc this 2 years... i'ved been ponteng bc for more than 20 classes these 2 years XD and basically i go bc just listen what teacher said, and i forgot when im home... funny huh?? no offence, but my teacher 's teaching is kinda bored... h.a.h.a


btw, the add maths today to me... hhmm.. to me.. it isnt hard but complicated.. it need lots of time to figure+finnish it. but i still managed to finnish it tepat tepat half and hour before it ends. so i manage to check SOME of it larh... as usual... bundles of stupid mistakes... just hoping that i can get A for it... i dont dare to hope for A+.. coz i know im not that good genius




wish me good luck for the following heavy subjects~






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finally itz nov 21st~

i waited this day for sooo long~ Teehee~

as u guys know, its my b'day~

soooo, everything wuz very unusual since last night 11 something, me cousin sms-ed me.. wishing me happy birthday. then starting at around 6 something, my mom, my aunts my relatives all sms-ed me.. usually, i'll get mad fustrated if ppl sms me when im sleeping.. itz worse if u call me when im sleepin..but not this time. tehee

(for ur info, there wuz one case which one idiotic fella called me when im sleepin, i waited till she finnish her sentence, and when shez waiting for my answer, i ended the call... ok i know its rude.. but i dont even know her.. )

then afternoon, i stayed at home.. as usual, online.. (on9 during spm period.. wtf)


then followed my mom to buy cake.. frm BR.. *ehek ehem* then we went out to celebrate at TGIF


usually those TGIF's waiter & waitress will sing for those b'day girs & boys marh rite??

 everything wuz great... until those guys started to sang for me.. and thats the only thing i wanna complain about. i mean come on larh... i know that u guyz are damn bloody bored to dat bloody song .. but can u guys at least respect the customers????


u know what they did when their singing???

their eyes are actually starrin at the tv...

i dunno how u guys feel larh, but i feel like im not respected lorh... what i meant is.. they talk to you without lookin at u... they sing to you without lookin at you but stickin their eyes onto the plasma tv...wtf.

and this is how a birthday girl should be treated... T.T *sobx* ( actually im not that sad.. hahax)


ohya.. guess what, they even sing happy-bird-day instead of happy birthday hahx.. funny

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  • Nov 19 Thu 2009 23:00
  • sej

ok, i know this is really not the right time to blog now....


but what to do... im too happy~ after studying for about 2 weeks of sejarah, it finally ends!!!!



To: History

Dear History, you are only history to me form now onwards, you are no more a subject i need to study anymore... NO MORE!!! bye~


                                                                                           From: all SPM candidates





guess what happen to me today~

i peeped the ques paper like a few minutes before the pengawas pemeriksa allow us to start answerin the ques... when i saw undang undang bertulis & x bertulis... i wuz like... f***.. i kept scoldin that word... then i started to pray to God, hoping him to help me.. as in let me ter-remember the answers lar~ luckily, it works~ THANK GOD!!!!! i really must thank the god weh~ coz the ques came out wuz very general, as in not too specific larh~

the 2nd ques, renaissance.. luckily i read!!!!!!!!!!!! teehee~

3rd ques, nasionalisme.. ya.. mr. chandran, what u spotted came out~ i read that part last week.. but i forgotten SOME of the farggin isi.. i just crap things relevant to it...

when i saw the 4th ques, undang undang tubuh johor, i scolded f*** once agn..  coz i dint even read a single thing about it.. erm.. not to say didnt read larh, but just go through flip through oni....


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  • Nov 14 Sat 2009 14:35
  • SPM



SPM is coming sooo soon~ in about 3 more days for preparation ...

hoping for results that i satisfy

just hope that i wont forget my sej facts last minute...







wish me good luck~



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finally, i waited for sooo long .. the day... (not 2012) last day of schooling.since i'ved been waiting since so long ago, i should be superb happy..  but..  i dint... just dont know why

i thought i hated this U8 so much. i never thought of cryin with u guys today. but i actually cried. tehee~ but not as geng as pei wen larh~

i thought i wont cry because i thought i got no feeling of leaving you guys. but, when i saw ee leen's tears comin out when she wuz huggin leanne so tightly, kar yan crying while she hug pei wen, shu er huggin me while cryin and sayin she ngm seh dak us.. she really miss us alot.. aww~ i cried too~ just awhile~

people wishing each other good luck /all the best for SPM, apologizing to each other, huggin each other like gays and lesbians... jk

i dont know why larh, i just cant stand ppl crying infront of me... i will just.. cry .. ofcourse , it depends on the situation.

this actually reminds me of xueji. which whenever we needs sayin goodbye to each other(after camp larh) i'll cry like shit oni.. i just dont know why.hmm ~ mayb we are too far from each other~ mayb

so many ppl which i never ever thought they will ever cry,they cried today~

leanne , ee leen, sonya,stephanie,kar yan.. and MICHELLE LEE!!! omg..

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hehe~ posing yeon min's elec~

i wonder what is brandon doin behind there~ XD


finally, the graduation day is over~

my dream, of wearing the juba~ hahax~ tho its not as nice as i thoughted previously~ but im still happy

coz, i'ved officially graduated!!

lookin at those teacher's face with those happiness thinkin in the heart "finally these hantu are gonna get lost from this skl... XD" jk larh~ ok???

erm, the performance of 5B was terrible.. ya... as usual, because of the mic... everytime oso liddet.. ISH ... oh ya!!! plus, we guys forgot the lyrics.. hehe ~ damn memorable weh~ hehe

and the best part was, after we go home, can say all larh.. all the girls' leg pain~

because of heels~ teehee~

actually now larh, im waiting for idlan to upload those photos~ hahax~

 while waiting, i'll just post some of it here


we looks super happy here~

(although dat time my leg damn pain ledi)


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