hehe~ posing yeon min's elec~

i wonder what is brandon doin behind there~ XD


finally, the graduation day is over~

my dream, of wearing the juba~ hahax~ tho its not as nice as i thoughted previously~ but im still happy

coz, i'ved officially graduated!!

lookin at those teacher's face with those happiness thinkin in the heart "finally these hantu are gonna get lost from this skl... XD" jk larh~ ok???

erm, the performance of 5B was terrible.. ya... as usual, because of the mic... everytime oso liddet.. ISH ... oh ya!!! plus, we guys forgot the lyrics.. hehe ~ damn memorable weh~ hehe

and the best part was, after we go home, can say all larh.. all the girls' leg pain~

because of heels~ teehee~

actually now larh, im waiting for idlan to upload those photos~ hahax~

 while waiting, i'll just post some of it here


we looks super happy here~

(although dat time my leg damn pain ledi)


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