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me n ju yinn

 P1030774.JPG P1030775.JPG

(l-r)me n yen xin ( the new girl)

AND the michelles~ michelle 1 and 2. haha 


me, lisa, li xian n priya




 P1030703.JPG P1030733.JPG

this is see jia's


this is the genius im talkin about.

and u know what??? geniuses are wierd.






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  • Jan 22 Fri 2010 21:43
  • pm14

i think i really should bring my cam to clx larh... coz i really wanna introduce my fun clxmates to u guyz!!!

let me just briefly talk abt them.

ain- she have a super sweet smile, and she so nice~ hehe~ i like her(im not les ok??)

alan- i dun really know him. the oni thing i know is hez damn close to jun jern( i wonder whether im spellin his name correctly anot XD)

alastair- the betrayer.. change to other clx outta sudden.. haha no lar... actually hez takin further mathz.. which is the only ppl who are takin further mathz in our clx. so mafan rite??? run here run there... the timetable so dmn packed summore.

celine- to me, shez a very nice person.sometimes gila gila like soh poh... but ok~ haha. ohya!! i've notice day by day she gettin more evil.. i think shez influenced by see jia.. the devil haha

charles- i dun really know him. so i've got nth much to talk abt him

chern yao- active boi... stop boastin that u wuz 85kg ok??? stop lc me k?? haha anyways, hez quite nice oso larh. he loves singing.. which causes these days to rain like shit.. haha ohya!! he can act sponge bob!!!

desmond- dont really know him

ju yinn- my fair lady...shez damn fair ok?? our chem teacher's fav beautiful girl. haha. shez our chem rep. anyways, shez such a cute girl hehe

jun jern- tall sri kl fella. i dun realy know him. but frm the back, he looks like chong jia jiun damn tall..

jonathan- this fella really looks like christopher quah weh!!!! the way he talk, he act, he sit.. wtv he do... he reminds me of christopher quah!!!!! btw, hez our clx rep hehe~! hez quite sampat oso lar.. sometimes...

kian ann-don really know him

kumar- nth much abt him. dai jiek lorh... btw, he doest look like the bull-dog-looked kumar in u8.. he looks more like telvin instead.

lisa- another fair girl.shez very close to ming ying i used to be that fair oso!!!!but now im so damn dark after the damn candi trip lo

li xian- eyeliner girl~ hehe ~ shez nice!!!! and shez rich haha~! i dunnno real anot lar. that day me n her went starbucks minum and she pay dat time like not sam tong 1... i damn sam tong haa.. but tat drink is really nice~! hehethx for introducing ~!

ming ying-quite n sweet girl

priya- asst clx rep. when she dont smile she looks so fierce!! anyways, shez a nice person.

see jia- the cute girl. but dont get cheated by her appearance. shez damn evil!! hehe and she has a tiny stomach~~! everytime cannot finnish her food 1. another rich fella... nxt time belanja me lah... XD

sharanya-nice person. hehe

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okay~~~ itz already the 2nd week

so fast.

yea. time in college past soooooooooooooooooooo fast.

my class is mostly frm 8-2 sometimes till 4pm.

yup. mayb some of u guyz are like... woah... so long arh??!! 55minutes per period.  but it really passes very very fast. is like for a while... u study study study... then... itz 4pm... and its TIME TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!compared to skl ... i still rmb i used to like... kept askin the time... and waiting for the time to rehat.. then time to go home... itz like... soo long. waited for damn long and ended up it just past 5 minutes . haha


but itz damn tiring lo.. mayb im still nt used to it. hehe

 btw. now im in taylor's libary.. ya... bloggin in the libary... wtf. haha

basically im damn sien now.. 15571_1260004414rP8C.jpg


later got bio clx.. of 2 hrs.. in the lab.



kla i think i stop bloggin here.. later other ppl see me bloggin jealouse.. coz they dont even have the time to facebook oso.. mountains of assignments waiting for ppl who are using the com beside me rite now hehe...


im so evil.. coz im THAT EVIL~~

haha chao~

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ok~ so.. i've started my college ytd... for those hu dunno, tues wuz the orientation for taylors CAL...

as usual.. we had speeches... ice breaking games n others larh~

the ice breaking games wuz... erm... ok larh... most of us are soooo shy to talk, like me.. hehe 


btw, im damn exhausted now..

meet up with my primary classmate aaron lee ytd. but not her twin sis aileen yet~ mayb nxt week haha XD then meet up with eilynn 2day.. went to her church's auntie's shop to eat... the food there not bad. but if  ur lazy to walk.. i might be far to u larh~ the distance to me is ngam ngam hou XD

1st week of college ny got hw d.. yea. i really must thank out maths teacher.. Mr. Tan Eng Keat ( his name is same as jevan's) hehe

after lunch, me n eilynn went back taylors... she went her class... me... go library join wan yung they all.. {for ur info, wan yung is my classmate~ :)} i must find a day, bring cam and take their photos.~ so that u guys know who is who hehe~

then... maths agn... yea... mr tan ENG KEAT... agn... haha

then some survival skill ceramah... ohya.. speaking of that... ju yinn(my new classmate)said during that ceramah."erm... i've been surviving for so long.. i think im able to survive... " i wuz like... laughin.. in my heart.. i wuz like... NICE ONE!!!!yea.. basically.. to me lar... itz a waste of time~me n ju yiin wuz like... wanna chao?? OKEH!!! chaio.. since the lecturer allow us to leave haha


then i wuz rushing like shit to my mom's car... coz if im late... she'll shout at me agn.. haha.. i dont want the sound pollution in the car.. and i dont want my eardrum to be spoilt so fast.. i NEED IT FOR EXAM.. haha


btw.. i gtg





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im soooooo tired today.

woke up at 9 which i slept at 2 something ytd....

then went to c dentist..( hez not leng zai oso geh... haha =.='') he said one of my tooth got black spot 15571_1260004414rP8C.jpg


then i went back home n sleep for a while.. too tired d..haha.. im a pig.. i admit..ok?? happy?

then went the curve... to find some pen for my lil bro... for hours man!!!!!!!standin there... walkin here n there... aiya, better than stayin at home rite???


arnd 3 sumthin straight a way went to c cars... hyundai... erm... nt bad lar...


then went happy days to have dinner.

this is my advice. dont go there... the service is like... dung. food not that good oso... we ordered spring chicken... and ended up like siu long barbeque chicken. no joke... i feel very funny... we ordered 4 glasses of ice water... but it took us abt more than 10 minutes for them just to serve us ICE WATER which the ice are melted. ha.h.a.

then here i am now.. not home .. ofcourse.. =.=''


k larh

i go watch tv 1st.. chaio~~~



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im gonna start college nxt tues..... 

countdown 3days

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ok itz time for me to do some flashback what i did last year~ teehee

1.1st time went to tg speat~~ itz great there~~!!! great memories there!! 1st time having air-cond when im in a camp~ teehee


1052677611.jpg 1161371376.jpg


2.retire frm koperasi~ finally get excape frm there with a.k.a pencen~ hahax im really getting rich this year~ haha $$keep comin to me every month...althought itz only 5 buckx~ itz better than nth~

3.SPM~ preparing for spm like mad... 1st time studying ONLY sejarah for whole 2 weeks... nth else~ and that feeling is great during answerin the spm paper~ hehex


4.goin for some courses... which i dont wanna go... ex: andrew choo... nth special oso.. itz just a lie... haha

5.sweet b'day~ celebratin at TGIF~ great steak there~ hehe

6.sleepin with my stinko bro for 2 months

7. get 1st runner up in leo idol


8.officially graduated frm smk usj8

14555_1268699238608_1263645325_30789448_5228101_n.jpg 14555_1268642037178_1263645325_30789173_877513_n.jpg 14555_1268642837198_1263645325_30789184_3198165_n.jpg

9.passed my piano grd 8 exam n thats great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10.went xue ji training camp which is held in my primary skl!!!!!!!!!! full of memories ~~~

page1 xueji.jpg 



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