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  • Feb 20 Sat 2010 16:33
  • lepak.

the last post i've told u guys that i went sunway pyramid ytd rite???

and i wuz so lazy to blog abt it ytd, so i'll blog abt it now.

itz liddet

LOTS of ppl in my clx absent ytd and thursday.

and ms gladys wasnt there ytd. so, celine suggest us to go for movie- valentine's day.

ya~ then she go check whether is there any ticket left to sell. and unfortunately, there isnt any...T.T

so, afta bio clx, we wentto had lunch at FACE TO FACE. ya. face to face agn. the we went celine's hostel to play CHOR DAI DEE. heehee. too bad din bet with $$. if not i'll really win alot lor. really need to thx lady gaga's POKER FACE. that song is really ONG me lorh...15571_1260004416bO56.jpg

we actually wasted half and hour playin that. shud have go pyramid earlier. so that we can lepak there longer marh.15571_1260004414rP8C.jpg  but nvm lor...

we went to the cinema's floor to check out for the nxt time for the show lar.

itz quite a long queue and we actually queued quite near to the counter d... then the nxt show is at 8.30pm. then i duno why'd we gave up. and walked away. after coming out oni think of instead queuing for valentine's, juz go for others larh...

klor.. then we lazy to queue d and we went to buy drink and bowling. haha.

after 1 round, chern chao. then celine, and me. ^^

and thats my day.



boring post huh???



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wow. my blog is so dead. haha~


afta CNY, i actually had  "sauna" at my mom's kampung. itz really HOT there. HOME SWEET HOME~~


aftta im back frm there, erm... got clx the nxt day. T.T

and today,

since our dearest ms gladys didnt come..(sick mar~)

so the PM14s decided to watch VALENTINE"S in sunway pyramid.

but..... damn malu larh... tickets... fully booked. so.. we went chor dai dee. then begged ronald aka rorand to fetch us there, then we lepak there.

ya. bowling.

damn funny. the socks... for 3 buckx, is just like those tadika children's socks...

then go home. and now, here i am.

ok im tired.


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firstly wat i wanna do here is to LC ppl who have class today, COZ!!!!!

i dont have class today~~~!!!!! weeehhhhheeee.

this is the happy ones. but the sad ones is, school college reopen at thursday.awwwwww. T.T


ok. anyways, yup. VALENTINES DAY falls on 1st day of CNY.

soooo, those who have a partner,good. bring him/ her visit ur parents to get ANGPAU!!!! haha

those who still dont have( like me) just go on. haha. what so sad not having a bf/gf??? hehehehe






and at last,

congrats yee ing~~~

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yay yay~!!! no class tomorrow~~!!!!


im SUPERB happy k????  why. easy. coz i no need to wake up so dman early and wait for that damn bus for hours just to go home. haha. summore itz so freaking hot. hehe.

ohya!!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cant wait to go ms gladys' house following week. though we have no ang pau coz her dad fly to heaven d.


k. gotta go practise piano now.


oh b4 i forgot, as i promised in fb, i'll go take my time and edit those photos i took into a very colourful pictures~~~while doin that damn assignment. ~~~ hehe.






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im so tired.

i havent get a proper rest since feb starts. and guess what. im gaining weight instead of losing weight. haha. okayyyy, i think itz the time for me to control.





look at the eyes.

now u know how tired am i???

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so, i went to the orphanage oku house just now. too bad it wasnt counted.

i just feel like im wasting my time there.

anyways, some of them are really cute. therez 1 girl, shez having down's syndrome. so basically she've got a retarded look. but still, shez cute. all the w.i.e(s) carried her. shez quite heavy actually. for her age.

btw, the other group went in and get a culture shock. yea. itz normal to get culture shock. honestly, this is the 1st time i get there. i cant really get what those ppl want there actually. coz they cant speak properly. and the worse thing is we have to go there another 2times. i think ar, since there got piano rite, i'll just tell the women get 1 kid and i just teach her piano.  settle!!! haha. (as if theres any... got oso i'll teach until i get mad haha) im seriously damn lazy to go there agn. have to figure out the transport prob. i dun wanna always call my mom fetchin me here n there as if im a small lil kid which is in primary skl... haha.

ohya,therez a grp frm other college went there too. and they are in mass com ...i think. then they actually interviewed me n celine. haha. i used to interview ppl and write articles tooo~~ ( i miss those days)

so.. we fed those kids there, me, n yoke pei teached 1 of the kid to do work. that kid looks ABIT like my bro. at 1st i wuz wondering why is he there, hez normal wert... after that oni i know he is a super slow learner. (so bad arh say until liddet) hez 12 years old but he dunno what a spring is. so u know his standard lar huh???

actually we spent arnd 4 hours for the oku ppl.( actually we plan to be there for 5 hours)  since this trip is forfeited.. then we chao early lar. since we've got no plans.

we went salmon's steak n makan. then chao.

so tired. huh. i go sleep 1st.bye

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hey guyz. haha. im so bz this week

anyways, im just back frm the orientation party. it wuz fun though itz boring when starting haha. but still, it has passed.wheeeeheee~ i think celine n wan yung they all still disco-ing in MPH(for those hu dunno, itz at the multi purposehall, not the bookshop haha)

and!!!!!!!!!1 our class representitive, JONATHAN LEE had been chosen as a vice president!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!

vice president better than NONE rite??? congrats to all campaigners that get their pos. hehe but not mama bitch and her aka same name partner. i dun understand why ppl vote for them haha. anyways, just forget abt the mama bitch.

lets take a fast review of this week.


nth much. rushing back home for piano clx. and busy for folding butterfries butterflies.


stading at guard house, under the hot sun, campaigning for jonathan.

went back with kheng yu by bus. we actually took the correct bus in wrong direction. sry kheng yu wasting so much of ur precious time. haha. wasting all our efforts running and scolded by the motorist haha. we actually went kl, and waited 10min of bus. then it took us one and a half hour to come back subang. arsh!!! btw, itz quite a malu memory. haha. one of the ticket seller kept laughin at us. damn embarassing. its far more embarassing than standing at the guard house callin ppl to vote for jon as if im a salesgirl. haha. itz fun anyways. dun feel bad jon ~ smile~~!!

at nite bz with butterflies agn. haha

if any of u wanna learn how to make butterflies origami, just tell me. i'll teach u.

ohya!! and i fell down.i almost fell into the longkang. damn malu... my legs are still blue-black now.


most free day of the week. but still bz making butterflies at nite :)


walking frm class to class to help jon for his campaign. kena bully by seniors, rejected by teachers, scolded by teachers, zha by teachers ... to me these dooesnt really hurt my feeling lar. but the most sam tong thing is looking the flyers we gave and the butterflies we made on the floor which ppl stepped on it, that really makes me feel sad. u wanna throw at least throw in rubbish bin larh, throw on floor for wat??? u stupid ppl. brainless 1.

and i meet back my primary clxmate!! the rich boi. kelvin liaw kai xuan. haha. he dint change at all. and damn dramatic scence.

AND AND AND!!! speakin of dramatic scene, theres a senior, a girl, quite plump, so she came to our clx during chem. we were in lab doin chem exp. so, she just talk in a super duper rude way "did any1 of u guyz took my account text booK?"

we were like" no...."

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erm i finally figured out a better 1.


but still theres some slips XD

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