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ITS 31ST OF DECEMBER PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

omg! time flies... ... ... its already the last day of twenty-ten 


as i said previously, so much times in other posts, 2010 is a really fun year! its like, i'd been thru so much things in just a year. 

how many times i'd been thru depression, embarrassed, being high almost everyday in college, fyi, i'm not like this when i was in high skl.. seriously...  i dont laugh this much, i dont laugh this loud, im not this sampat, i dont talk this much, im not this crazy... seriously... i think u guys are the catalyst of me being like this. *crazy laughs and finger pointing u guys* and of course, there's so many things more... agn, just that i cant really think of it right now LOL or u should say that im really lazy to think of it XD

so.. CAL's gonna end nxt June... awww, time really flies....


and owh! i went to the KPP talk ytd... i really dont understand why the government wanna waste so much $$ to have such talk... its just a waste of money... 6 hrs is like MORE THAN ENOUGH! (just skip the common sense thing since everything's in the book.. and just go to what we really dont know!) and u still wanna increase it to 18Hrs??? come on!!! it's not about whether ppl know it or not, its about ARE WE GOING TO APPLY IT!!! frankly speaking, a typical Msian, as we are, we dont deserve u guys to sacrifice so much for us (the talk thing.. actually we're paying it ourselves to the driving skl ==). U can randomly as a Msian (a qualified teenager onwards) some ques about the road, i believe most of them can actually answer most of your ques correctly. they know it, just that they dont want to apply it!!! on the road..... its like moral. ppl can score 90+++ marks in their moral theory test... but how many of them will actually apply it in the reality??? even their parents are like these... how can u expect ppl to be good when their parents dont even give a damn shit about YOUR plans?

ok skip this nasty talk lol


its about 10 more hrs to twenty-eleven =D

here's an early wish frm me,




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i cant play for... ... ... about at least a week?????? those who are not related, leave this post, immediately.. gogogogogogogogoogogogogogo








dont you understand???? now!!! go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





thanks to you, u're the best of the best mannnn!!!!!!

clearly, u knew how important my hands and fingers were, and this is not the farggin 1st time u did, i its obvious that i know when u read this farggin post, u'll be like... IN YOUR FACE!!!!  who calls u to throw my chair and all those nonsense. fyi, u too act like a BITCH or i should call u .. a dog...????? and do mind your words, i pushed =) do u even think that by blocking me in fb and re-add my after a couple months do affect my feelings??? like 'ohhh the moment u blocked me im so upset sobs~ i wanna cry, i feel so bad~ i feel so  sry for what i did~ can u please unblock me????~~~~' please, wake up! or i shouldnt wake u up frm fantasizing. i love seeing u fantasizing, so that u'll flung every single thing =) being emo 24/7

i would enjoy that for the rest of my lives, watching u suffering all days. 


if i have a chance to talk to God, i'd tell him,i wont want him to curse u or wtv, coz there's something called karma. lets see what happens.

wherelse, i would like have a wish, that i'm awesomely great in everything, be the best of the best =)

and u'll be the one who envy me all the time, and i'd happy enough. =D

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hey guys! 

25th of dec is over, and there we go, 4 more days to 2011. actually, i dont know whether i should be happy or sad, coz 2010 is a great year, to me. its like, one of my happiest year =D a year where dont need to worry of much stuffs other than studies. =) not to say i like to worry about studies, but its like, when u worry about it, u tend to work harder so that those things u're worrying wont happen, and the results turn out to be at least better than u expected, only if u work hard enough for it =)

hmm or maybe i changed. im not as stubborn towards things as i were. 

ohya, and faith towards yourselves 

i wont forget, how depressed i were those days kept failing my thinking skills XD believing in myself, and at last i managed to pass!! =DDD

and i also wont forget, how loud we laughed together in public, how we fatt hao when talking about some guys secretly (not quite secretly, just that not infront of those useless guys that we know XD) with the friends of mine, who just met this year, the pm14s =) i love u guys <3

people keep telling me that nxt year will be REALLY hectic. and i kept imagining, how hectic will it be, but i cant get the picture of it. lets see what's gonna happen nxt year =) the hectic-ness




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abviously, im back frm xueji camp =D

and after the long sleep, and ppl starting to post about it, here i come, doing the same thing. and it'll be in chinese. here it goes. 


有看到这里之前的文章的你们,应该知道我本来不打算回巢的。但最后,我选择了回去。因为有了交通=D 要谢谢昀芊~~真的很感激!!!





这是我第一次,早上6点钟才睡觉。=D 谈天谈到那么夜~(其实也不算是谈天,而是玩~ 还有还有!! 八!!!!XD)

还有,那件学校又三卡拉鬼死酱远~~ 那个钟声也不是钟声,而是一些很可爱的音乐,每次严肃的时候/骂人的时候,真的很potong!!!!气死人。现在回想起来,还是会笑~XD






慧怡,这次和你算是我们认识以来,聊最久了~ 分析性格XD 希望下次回去的时候能够再见!!

淑祯,你变态了~ 不只是我一个人讲咯~~XD 改天一起去吃鸡饭!!!

伟杰,谢谢你载进载出~ 那个手的,讲酱多次,不显的咩?不过,第一次听的时候,还蛮好笑的~~=D 有缘在见=)

佩仪,很想念你那巫婆的笑声!!!!还有,你sokk 了!!! XD

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i decide to go,again a lil quarrel with my with my parents, just a very tiny lil one... =) but they still allow me to go. i dunno whether they're aware that im going today... evening..==they better be aware that imma overnight there. or they'll just scold me behind me.. urgh


btw, yes, xueji', imma go back today =)))))))))))

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everything was okay, almost perfect, as we wished.

but this doesn't goes right as what we wished starting from the ending of the 1st part. 


a day before that day, we played, too. 

it was worse. maybe this is the 1st time for both of us. under the spotlight, which you can feel, it's really hot when it shines on you. and that time onwards, i knew, why always, she play till sweat.

we started horribly, with different speed. im slightly faster than him, always. urgh. owh and the best part was, i'm supposed to be better than him, much better than him, but in the reality, it's the opposite way. somehow, it cames to the middle part of it, we looked at each other, with a stunt look. we're lost. shits. i really hope that there's a place for me to hide that time. 

back to the main day.

we planned, right before our turn. as long as, we're in the same tempo, sounds together, then'll be alright. ignore each other's mistakes or wtv. 

during the 2nd part, it starts to sound falling apart... its as if a plate of green beans just fell on the floor. its all over the floor. 

and at last, we ended, suckily. we bowed, and quickly went down, with full of embarrassed feelings in our heart. 



and after a while, its my turn, again. 

this time, its me and only me. ==

started the wrong part. and then, did a stupid act to the audience. and then, started all over again. and THAT'S the most embarrassing thing that i've ever done in my entire life. 

i really wonder, why the heck i did that. 

seriously, but why?

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  • Dec 20 Mon 2010 20:10
  • xueji

tomorrow's the day, and yea, new batch of the xueji's WILL be coming in (woohoo!!!)


actually, speaking of xueji, its something that used to comfort me, alot. not to say no more but, i think its because of the distance between us, we're all busy with our own things. and.. the last time i'd actually met them was... during the national camp???!!! which i'm holding a post of counselor and i didn't did much about it, sureen did it for me  instead... due to my piano diploma exam. and. oh! luckily i managed to PASS!!! =D ( im sure  history wont repeat ofor my L with that kinda suckie result)

back to topic.

i was REALLY thinking whether or not to go that camp. but at last, i chose not to go.

maybe you xueji's reading this post will feel that my reasons is... stupid, unforgivable... but yea, thats MY reasons of not going. ==

you know, FIRST! sg besi is WAY TOO FAR frm Subang. i know some of you frm Subang who's still effing smgt going there.no matter how. but, humans, i dont have a car, even i have a car, i cant drive yet, and even i can drive, i dont know how to go, even i know how to go, MY PARENTS WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO GO... so far... i know it's ridiculous that im 18, and my parents are still kinda like look after me as if im a tiny lil baby. and THAT'S THE FACT! and besides, im really tired. i need rests. plus, i need to practise. though i didnt, today.... ... ... lol

and, sometimes, i do feel like, im left behind... sometimes... for me, it's pointless, when we have a so called 'gathering', and ppl are talking only to their own-old-usual-gang. then what's the point of it? you dont even wanna communicate with us.. what's the point of us having it? what's the point of me going back when most of you sticking back to your own gang? yes, as a human, we do, sometimes dislike some ppl... but this is not the way... every people have their own good thing inside them. its not that, you think he/she is bad, they'll be ALWAYS as what you people think. stop fantasizing! 

and fyi, fantasizing is what i used to do. especially for xueji. things changed. especially when u grow. when i was a xueji, i had prob with school's friends. and i thought that wouldn't happen is xueji. because, xueji's is different. most of us are the same type of people. but as time past, things doesnt seems like that. things weren't as perfect as i thought. and, i started to learn things. 

do you know that, sometimes, fantasizing IS a good thing, especially if you kinda use it to... ... ...  de-stress?? when u're depressed??? (haha it rhymes lol) but humans, dont over use it... or u're gonna be like a jour... blaming this and that, all the time, or nowadays what ppl call it.. emo?!

ok im outta topic, again.. ==

so, it really depends on you, how you utilize it. 

and i know some of you, take xueji as.. a going-out-together-friend, or only-laughing-together-friend and etc. but, as what the xueji's always say, we're a family, a really HUGE family. with tons of biologically-unrelated-humans. we dont bitch abt xueji (sometimes we do, though. due the to boringness and the over-kan-cheong-ness)

xueji's a place where, its the 1st time, i felt im loved, by a friend. the 1st place where i've been totally 24hr high in other ppl's view. whenever they think about me, they'll think of, owh... the chih sin poh... 24 hrs high, hyper active, or what so ever. yea. i have to admit it coz everytime i see you guys, i just dont wanna make you guys feel bored, and run away frm me just because im not fun, i dont wanna be alone, i dont wanna be the one who's left behind, so much. 

all of this, was how i felt last time. and that eventually leads to what u guys think about me - the so called hyperactive fat girl. owh and, i admit that, most of the time, things weren't fun without a bunch of people, laughing together with you. 

but now, i feel that, its important. somehow, i just feel that way. 




and, i really miss you guys, ALOT. 

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  • Dec 17 Fri 2010 13:31
  • 2010

i think i'd made it my mind =)

so, imma move forward =D

u better watch out! 

u might just 'WOW' when u see me or even heard of me, next time =)


i dont think im going out anywhere, this year end.. yea, this month == and its only less than 2 weeks remaining to 2011.

reminisce 2010 is a great year.

A year which i'd learnt so many things.

A year which i'd met so many interesting, fun humans.

A year which i performed, and it was most embarrassing ever

A year which i have MOST happy times.

A year which i'd experience so many new things, such as........

-failed my important subject for my class test XD, 1st piano performance ,went thru my 1st Diploma in piano =D , spent so much time in library ( skl's college's) , sleep extremely late just to study for exam, being so hyper that looking forward for the coming Christmas!!!! hohohohhohhohohohohohoho~~~





check out this song, its by they JAYESS lee

waited for so long, finally, their new cover


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  • Dec 16 Thu 2010 20:40
  • sick

1 week passed.

and whythehell i get sick EVERY-TIME-DURING-HOLIDAY?!



i can really see how strong is my immunity...

an indian boi, which is a siu didi, just sneeze infront of me, and im sick. wth...

of all, i really hate flu... coz 1ce i get it, it'll be like my BEST friend, sticking, stayin with me for weeks... =( i hate flu.... and it makes my nose so blardy itchy all the time... and my voice change... =( geli sial


owh and that stupid medicine, is such a BIG LIAR!!!

it says non-drowsy, but i ended up effing drowsy, and became looks so moody for my piano class... owh, and actually broke my record for not giving even a smile during my class. nice one u damn medicine...

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erm... i want to play flight of bumble bee in my exam...

since its in the list of songs of the exam pieces...



only if i could make it... . . .


playing this piece is so cool rite???

mastering this piece can lansi ppl around...



i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want 
i want i want 
i want i want 
i want i want 
i want i want 
i want i want 
i want i want 
i want i want 
i want i want 

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i want YOU to wow.

stop looking down on me you people. 

don't overestimate me in the same time. 


and that is why i'm putting more and more effort

until its enough.

and those effort will only become more and more and more and more and..... ... ... ..

yea MORE!



oooh, btw, 

im TOTALLY into NODAME ...



it's really nice ~~~~




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yeap, things are coming to an end. 

today was the last day of CAL in 2010. this is not the best part. Where, the best part is, i woke up at 7am, thought class start at 10, so, go college early lar, and, there, suddenly, i had a thought. i was like, hmmm how if ms annie didn't come huh? and, there it goes, she's really on leave. i think shez sick. coz her face was REALLY pale past few days.  and we had only 15 minutes class for the whole day. isn't that awesome?


PM14 had class party ytd, nite, at TGIF, S.pyramid. that was the funnest day! =D 

as yy said, mamaG is quite naughty XD <3 

OWH AND!!! thats the 1st time i heard her speaking chinese...!!!!!! ITS SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!

the only not-so-good thing is, ms ChanJuYinn is still in Australia, having fun with her kangaroos XD

currently waiting for humans to upload their photos of last nite. and mine, i have to edit it before i upload. coz too dark d ar~


it was a really fun nite ytd and i love it humans. =) owh and the GIANT card, hehe, was awesome. 





Done with Sem2. =D grades are... okay, acceptable except for chem XD which really i wasnt studying during starting of the sem. especially before trials and AS =D but frankly speaking, who CARES about Sem2???? XD owh... there IS someone who cares about it, my dad. hehe

i think, sem 2 is the time where we PM14s really get CLOSE together huh?? =D

anyways, HAPPY HOLIDAYS HUMANS!!!!!! i'll miss u guys during the hols. =))


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