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I'd rather keep those words than exposing it to the whole world. 

No one need to know about it. The important thing is, i know how i feel. 

screw those jealousy.

that, seriously have nothing to do with me since i did nothing. 

z-e-r-o. KOSONG! 


as long as i remember u, case close. 

i'll never forget a single person that i'd met. 

As for how i feel about u, nah, as i said, no one need to know. unless im the one who wanna tell. 




2 more days to struggle for IELTS talk.


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  • Feb 27 Sun 2011 18:30
  • Adele

Thanks for introducing Adele to us, your youtube fans, Christina Grimmie =D

She's really AWESOME!!!!



and WHO THE HELL said that fat people cant sing??? 

look at Adele, she aint as THIN as other singers/celebrities, but her voice is full of power!!

and she've got the sizzling hawt look. dont she??? =D

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in the arms of an angel, fly away from here,

may you find some comfort there...




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this song is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ancient XD

memories, beautiful memories. although im not THAT close to u guys anymore, but, yeah, u guys are always in my heart. i wont forget how we were tortured those days (XD), how we cried, (this reminds me that i cried in the camp, 1st day itself... how embarrassing XD), the hard times that we been through...

no doubt, those memories are colourful. 

i didnt contribute much to xueji compared to the other xueji, but, the fact that how i loved (still am XD) xueji, u cant compare it. and it meant alot to me. 

when i was really down, xueji, this BIG group of ppl, they were my only spiritual support.

i remember the 1st time i heard this song, i mean the 1st day... XD i really thought this was the worst song in the world. listen to the people singing! its... omg.. im speechless. but... actually, that's not the whole point of this song. its... a spirit boosting song LOL! but.. that's the truth. look at those lyrics, understand it, and u will actually realize that this song, is not as easy as u listen it now. and later, u'll find out that, this song ain't that bad as what u thought. its... NICE TO SING! though the melody kinda... u know... XD

oh and!!!! they was the 1st, that i actually 1st met them and became high... somehow. the 6th grp( if im not mistaken) during the training camp will know. XD. im like the most talkative in the group... i was just unstoppable that time... ... ..

yea yea yea... i know i dont look like it OKAY!! I GET THAT!!!!

and i still remember my counselor, she was SOOOOOO THIN!!! and, her tired face during the camp. she lead us throughout the camp though. i know how hard was it. coz, a year later, im holdng the pos of a counselor TOO!!! imagine it, u can barely sleep at night, because there's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many meetings, back to back, and, how to improve ourselves on leading the juniors, make them interested towards xueji, and always attend our meetings and activities. when we did some mistakes, sometimes most of the times, kenalah from those seniors. especially during meeting when we're having camp. and that scold, is different. VERY VERY VERY VERY DIFFERENT! those of you who're not a xueji, u'll never know how different it is until u feel it yourself. 


speaking about scolding, it reminds me of, xueji is a place to train your acting too!!!! LOL! but true! when u're a junior, u're trained to accept those scoldings, but when u're a senior, u're trained to scold people, with solid reasons, and, that is not easy. scolding people is definitely way harder than being scolded. and, if ur scolding doesnt work, means u failed, indirectly. from that, u can see, being a SENIOR is not easy as u think... like blah blah blah... finnish scolding then chao... then u're wrong!


omg.. this post is getting SOOOOOOOOOOOOO LONG... if i dont stop here, coz if u wanna talk to me about xueji, its an endless story. i believe that other xueji(s) feels that too. 


still that sentence, once a xueji, always a xueji.

and i <3 xueji =D




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Sometimes, i feel lonely, 

as if im standing alone all these while, that what i felt, was illusions. 


Sometimes, i thought im almost there, 

but things, somehow happen in such way,

as if they want me to know, im not good enough, dont be happy too early, you aren't that good yet,

and that, really drag me from sky, back to ground. 


Sometimes, i have this thought,

no matter how hard i try, i'll never get what i wanted, all these while,

maybe my expectations' too high. 


Sometimes, i reject things straight away, without thinking,

and when i think about it again, 

i feel that they were right, i'm too stubborn.


Sometimes, i feel like giving up,

im mentally way too tired for all these things. 


Most of the time, i get things that i wanted, 

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im addicted to this song. :'D

its SO meaningful. 


Sarah McLachlan...

such a great singer. 



sometimes i wonder, do people with name such as Sarah and Christina sing well!!

see... like her, Sarah McLachlan, Sarah Brightman, and some Sarah(s) i know

owh and!!!

Christina Aguilera, Christina Grimmie, and Christina Perri...






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it just.... POOF!!

keep on increasing increasing.. INCRESING AND INCREASING!

so tempting.... that i cant resist. 

and im hiding it everytime.


nice one m2. 







im such a genius right?


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my life's so colourful =D

and i love it <3




being me is SO fun.


and i enjoy this shiok sendiri moment


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me: OMG ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIIINNAAALLLYYYY!!!!! yayayayayayayay!!!!! <3

juyinn: yeah!!! friday!!! and the next thing u know...  ITS MONDAY!!!><



i agree with that. time flies. WHY THE HELL IS IT SOOOOO BLARDIE FAST????

trials' coming. in... 2-3 weeks time. =(


my mechanics sucks to the max. and chem analytical chem! 

imma proudly  say announce, M2 SURE FAIL TODAY'S TEST =D 




tomorrow's SATURDAY.u think im happy about it right???  NO! U'RE WRONG!

its saturday tomorrow, and yet i have to wake up early for some stupid auditon. i've been hearing news that tomorrow's so called piano got no pedal. wtf. IF THAT'S TRUE,  im seriously gonna scold ppl XD because i remember very clearly that i REQUESTED for wtv piano/ keyboard (i dont care, piano will be better though) WITH PEDAL! 

gawsh... i can live sing without pedal... XD




and lets see what's gonna happen tomorrow. LOL. mingying's going to SEE my audition. anyone joining???? XD i'll be the 1st grp to be audition...><

i've been really busy for the WHOLE CNY... but im not busy about CNY

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  • Feb 14 Mon 2011 21:24
  • 14/2

so, its valentine's day, aka S.A.D for the singles... which means... the single awareness/association day.

and, since we PM14 girls are single, we folded roses for ourselfs. =D that sounds really sad but... ITS AWESOME OKAY! at least u know that there's still people who love u, which is urself... HAHA!! ==

its so nice right???? 

this is the 1st rose i folded. and ofcourse, with ming ying's help =D




ohyya! i went starbucks just now. since valentine's day... my inferior  not romantic dad did nth for my mom, and since they asked me to belanhja starbucks, okay lorh. just for valentine's day. =D

and there's a girl who work there asked me, how's my valentine's day. 

i didnt know how to answer her... and im like... hmmmm normal lorh... what to do??? single mar. XD

then she proudly say, SINGLE ROCKS mar~ single's AWESOME!!! with the face... proud face. 

and im like.. YEAHHH!!!! *wohoo-ing in my heart*

then she asked, agn, how long have u being single..???

me: all the time! LMAO

the girl: serious arrhhhh!!! wow! *the unbelievable look* anyways, happy valentine's day.. i mean.. single's awesome =D and enjoy ur drink!!! =D




 do i dont look like a people who never had a relationship before???? LOL

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So,  eilynn msg me on fri night asking me to go badminton with the ex 5Bs in supercourt. but.. i didnt reply her. and i felt SO bad. so sry eilynn. coz... i saw that msg quite late and... i woke up late ytd.

THEN, i went and teach those siu didis. nth much to talk about. coz they're SIU DIDI!!! XD


4pm, went college to wait for mingying to pick me up to yuyang's and celine's placehostel xD then we went LISA's hse for CNY visiting... her hse is SO MUCH better than mine. xD and SO MUCH bigger xD what to do larrr... USJ 14 hse... and her mom is SO funny =D just like her. xD owh and we SKYPED with mr avinash kumar. and u'd LOVE to know what Mr. Sim Yu Yang did right??? ask me if u wanna know xD its SO GAY!!!


then Ms D's hse. nice house. and and... the food. LMAO! Had a nice time there. really. and the ang pau!! HAHA!! thx alot! =D


nxt stop, Nic's house. his mom is damn CUTE!!! seriously. and lisa's behaving damn sampat there. the old usual sampat lisa. i miss her. 

then, mingying's hse. and her hse is SPEEHLESS!!! ppl who've been there knows. XD no wonder she so thin. now i understand... cleaning the hse huh??? i seriously didnt imgained till that extent when other ppl told me abt her hse.  i seriously can say nth other than... WOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!!!! and.. her mom!!! is sooo nice. 


owh then as usual lar. get back home late. and my mom started screwing me... untill this morning... still mad at me being home late. XD i know i know.... she cares of me right??? yea yea.. im a good girl okay.... i dont understand what's she worrrying about when i have such friends who willing to send me home everytime i go out.. and a bunch of ppl accompany me home...right??? xD i love u guys.

didnt get to go jj's hse. hmm.. i will have a chance to see how big is his hse... one dayy.... XD



and guess what... i slept at 1am, and this morning, i have to attend that damn amali. i didnt expect that to be SOOOOO boring that i fell asleep in the room for the theory class so many times... and i almost fell asleep... UNDER THE BLARDIE HOT SUN! 

sounds awesome right???? 


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whenever i feel that im almost there,

things will some how happen making me feel that im not even close to my aim(s).


such a complicated feeling. should i be happy or sad about it?

happy because i realised my weakness/mistakes so that i can improve. 

sad because putting sooo much effort and yet im still far away from it. WHY?????

and this is not as easy as u think.



i ALWAYS come across this. especially for those subject which do not even have a text book for me to study. because im... very shaky. im those type of people that always change. constantly changing???? depending on my surroundings??????


most of the time, i get fed up easily and.. simply finnish my work.... because... my expectations are too high? Having such perfectionist aims without techniques to achieve it. I've got so many more things to learn. Or i should say that im lazy to put in much more effort??? because i know that im not only what i am now. im more than that. im better than that. im just lazy...???

damn. i need to be continuously motivated. and... learn to be patient.


i have my own thought in my head. as i said, im very shaky, and impatient. so i tend to change things. Things i feel okay/good previously, sometimes, i'll feel disgusted in the next moment. and being consistant is hard. im not that disciplined and... faithful xD lol.


i just want everything of mine to be the best.

but i never did it. 

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im SOOOOO despo with it!!!!!!

coz.... listen what she played!!!! IT'S RACHMANINOV'S PIANO CONCERTO no.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg....... the 1st song u listen (if u ever click on that play button below....==) im soooo crazy over it when i was watching nodame! the starting is soooo attractive! *screams*


as u guys know, im ALWAYS crazy over yuja wang <3

lisa even asked me to just marry her... xD

but... she's AWESOME!!!

why dont she come m'sia?????? =(

i'll definitely drag wanyung to accompany me to her concert xD heard saw that?? wanyung!

u're gonna accompany me if she ever come to msia =D




but... ... .. this time... her eye brow's too thick... it reminds me of sin chan for a moment =/


Yuja Wang / © Esther Haase


Yuja Wang / © Esther Haase

she's just SO gorgeous~~~ 0.0

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u make me go REALLY fat... i think i gained more than 2kg d T^T like in 2 days????

the 1st day of CNY i really eat without control =S and i can feel my tummy is really growing... very very very fast. =S


went back my mom's hometown, penang on fri. and i expected that. when i went back, my aunts are all sleeping. (which is true) people calling me fat girl. (gahh... every year oso liddet .) lol i know im fat. good thing is u called me fat when im still in my good mood. teehee! 

owh and i went back, my aunts and uncle kept asking me to eat. eat eat eat... when im about stop eating, there comes those sound... ... ... ' EAT LARRHHH!!! CNY ARRR... GO BACK ONI gamm feeii larrr" 

im like okay lorh. i bei minn abit. EAT! xD

till ytd, few hrs before i went home. my uncle just whack my ass all of sudden when i was walking... and he said! ' dai siu jie!! *whack my ass* see ur ass SO BIG!!! fat lar u...'    gahh i know i know! im fat! okay!

i dont know why he like to whack ppl. but he seems enjoying whacking/hitting ppl... i mean.. the playing around type... but its DAMN PAIN!! he's a fun guy though. hehe.



i came back ytd. start the journey arnd 6 something and.... reach home at around 2am!!!!! WTH MAN!!! jam like shit...  sg perak rest area.. =S





Maddi Jane's a talented girl. born with good voice. plus she always choose those songs that suits her =)

its only one day, and her vid have already got 20k+ views.



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I'm Bloated. 

My tummy is growing. and the rate is like... infinite minus 1. *screams + almost cry*

how can u resist those new year cookies right??? especially those nice ones. omg T^T



btw, penang, i'll be there tomorrow =)

omg. food heaven there... FOOD! AGAIN! urgh.




owh and, imma bring my books there. lets see if im gonna study there or not. XD



p/s: im not used to not washing my hair more more than 24 hrs. 

coz i hate it when my scalp stinks =S

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Happy CNY people =D



its not even 12am, and i can already hear those fire crackers. the kaolat loud one. these people are rich~~ xD

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