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1week, passed. this time, imma say, time's like a rocket. 

i feel SO guilty where i actually kinda wasted my weekdays for not pay attention when im studying, wasting so much time. studying the same blardie old thing, over and over and OVER AND OVER AGAIN! its just so sickening when u knew that u stddied so many times, and those blardie things cant even go into your head, rebecca black's song ALMOST went in instead ==. and when it comes to ques, OMG! cant even answer... seriously but WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME????????????


this aint like AS, that i can brush up even in one day. its not to say totally new things, i mean some of them we did studied in SPM ... and even SPM is MORE DETAIL than A2, to be more specific, bio. but guess what, i really have to thank those ang moh(s) that they didnt include those things that we studied memorised in SPM in our A2 syllabus. coz im already half dead without those things included. but frankly speaking, i don't think that A2 core is hard. but application, i totally sucked at it. so.. i think that's what makes A2 hard. 


my trials' starting on wednesday, 1 day later than those who're taking physics and mine ends 2 days before them. should i be grateful about it..??? coz i know that i won't be studying by then. instead, practising my piano..?? wtf. im just like this. during AS finals, when people are studying for exam, im practising the piano for the year end performance. wth. when im having music exam, i'd prefer to study... not about music, but school's syllabus. damn.


btw, i went for the imu interview. before that, i was praying for things go on well on that day. the interview was normal, somehow, i felt as if im talking with new friends..?? introducing myself to some strangers...? i dont know.... as i said, if i dont get it, imma pick a nice building and jump down from the highest floor. back to topic.


After the interview, when i came out from the interview room, i found out that MY IC'S LOST!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!! that's like the worst thing can happen to me during my interview day right...??? i wasnt panic at that time, i was chill, and searching for my ic. but when my mom knew about it, she striaght away shouted at me in the admin office itself. wtf. things went worse when im home after my piano lesson. coz my dad, the king of exaggerating, exagerate the consequences of me losing my ic. first it was not accepted by imu, then becoming irresponsible doctor that simply pass the P&C documents to other ppl, then pass the chemical onto ppl's hand coz need to go toilet, and that smart ass actually injected the so called chemical into the patient that he shouldn't. after that, there comes the insulting session, since exaggerating session's over. TO SHINE LIKE A DIAMOND OR TO BE A ROTTING STONE LIKE U(me)! of course, this is not the only one, but there's still much more. just that this is the epic ones that i remember the most. after that, combo. BOTH OF THEM SCOLDED TOGETHER. it's really dramatic. but seriously, both of them shouted at me at the same time, and paused at the same time. LOL


and fortunately, imu found my IC. i mean, that was expected because normally wealthy students in imu wont do that. and, i doubt that they actually know the use of getting other ppl's ic...?? even if they know, they wont be doing such problematic things as they are SO BUSY of their studies. the consequeces are quite complicated too. owh and, tho i said that found back ic was expected, but actually i was kinda worried if it wasnt found. THANKS TO MY PARENTS FOR THE EXAGGERATING SESSION~ omg that session seriosly was like machine gun, they yelled non stop. and too much of insulting and yelling, of course, i cried ~.~

btw, they called my mom. and yeah, my parents stop nagging me abt that. == and that day itself, we went Deng Tai Fung in empire for our dinner. wtf. 


speaking of that, im hungry agn.. and its 2am now. GOSH! I HAVE TO GET BACK TO BIO NOW!!!

chao peeps =D

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first of all, what imma say is, rebecca black cant sing. if she can release album like these... then i should've release album too when i was still in high skl, and i'd probably get really famous. 


second thing is, i dont feel good since monday. coz trials is next week, friday's ielts result day, AND IM TOTALLY NOT PREPARED!!!! fuck



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imma tell u, jessie j is an extremely talented crazy woman. and SHE'S SO CUTE!!! 


watch till the end and u'll understand why i said so =D


her song are meaningful, though some of her songs have vulgar words in it... 

but i personally dont care abt it, coz i think it makes the song sounds more cool =D 

fyi, she's the only one that can bring out the effect of it =)





and basically, i think she's way better than beyonce. no offence. this is just my opinion.

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actually, its kinda surprised that im the 1st one who woke up today =)



before i study, just to share with u, the past weeks, i was really down. seriously. trials is coming and im not done with revision. and maths, i actually dont know what the heck is going on. damn. but good thing, after the 3 days of whole day studying, i think i know what is going on, i think. hopefully i can get the results that i want.

*fingers crossed*

ofcourse, maths is not the only one. i still have bio and chem. 

i u haven't forget, im retaking bio. because i want striaght A's. but now, i doubt it. i noticed that i cant think for the correct answer. damn. =(

time to work hard on it. 

chao =)

before that, the song of the week is who you are, by Jessie J.

its a nice and meaningful song. i nearly cry whenever i listen this song. 

"seeing is decieving, deaming is believing, its okay not to be okay."

- lyrics from who you are by Jessie J


chao =)

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march 18, CAL's professional dev day, which all the teachers have to attend... classes??? wtv u call that shit as. xD

instead of staying at home, sleep till 11am, i had to wake up as usual, from my warm bed... :( frankly speaking, i kinda regret that i signed up myself for this... ... event. yea. event.

and we're supposed to be there by 8, and the bus' supposed to leave at SHARP 8. but.. u know, msian timing, we get up the bus only at 8.30. wtf. then.. the 3 guys, the inferiors ( ms annie's fav word to describe males xD) ffk-ed. wtf. seriously ffk-ed. and they paid lima belas ringgit for that! at least yy took his t-shirt. xD and kumar. i think. anyways, 3 girls, represented the pm14. =D all girls in our bio class, PRESENT! and non of the guys present. xD

btw, overall the science thing was fun! i mean, we getta make candy FOR THE 1ST TIME MANN!!! i know i sound like a jacoon here, but, how often do u actually get a chance to make candy...??? even a person who work in a candy shop dont actually have a chance to do that. btw, i LOVE making candy =D





so cool right???? owh and one more, the... kinda failure wan ==




and this is where we so called replenished ourselves in the library.. erm its basically just sitting there, and looking out of the library, searching for hawt guys xD DESPO! yes. DESPO SIAL!


okay. so, basically, the whole trip is full of wtf. i mean, u getta see some interesting equipments, owh and we actually made paracetamol. and did half of the electrophoresis! xD  just that we didnt get to see the results coz it takes really long time. 

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all these while, i thought im not alone... but now i realize, i AM actually alone... .... ... erm.. sometimes.. (this is not the point ==)

 the point is, SO WHAT????  i still manage to settle it myself. u losers.


in fact, im really tired. and im seriously running out of time. 

so many things to do. and trials is like... a week more..???? damn. seems like i have to increase my brain speed ... .. LOL.. not funny ==


okay. frankly speaking. I AM DEPRESSED THESE DAYS. actually, u guys dont need to see my depressed look. coz.. its ... not nice to see. i think after u see my depressed look u'll feel emo too xD (che wahhhh... as if my influence is so... huge lol)


i told promised myself, i must do it. to prove to those losers that looked down on me, saying i'll never do it, especially those who're so money minded, saying that what i used to chose as my future occupation cant earn money. what i wanna say is, fuck u. why must u categorize jobs like this??? its all about money huh??? damn. u realistic freak. u better work hard. coz one day, if u ever wanna compete with me, imma tell u, u'll NEVER win. coz u're such pathetic that u dont have a life. u dont trust your family. 

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im running out of time. seriously. 

its only 2 more weeks to trials. and my mechanics still sucks.  and i havent started my chem past year trials paper. awesome. and bio... .. im totally speechless. u're not that hard. but when it comes to ques... all of u just made me stunt and stare at the u... gosh. how am i gonna maintain my A(s) for A2?!


i need someone to teach my mechanics. please. 



some idiot predicted that may 21st will be the end of the world. i personally dont believe it. somehow. but, i kept wondering these days, how good if it really happen, when we humans, are wiped off all together. no more worries. no need to figure/plan how to commit suicide. pollutions we made, the earth finally have a chance to recover from it. 

yes. theres so much things that i havent/ never get to do while living. like.... being a superb famous celeb and earn billions or trillions per year xD. to me, theres no need to accomplish all these things. i mean, as a people, we do have regrets. just let those regrets turn into those colours that make our paint looks better. 

theres no must that when u're living, u must accomplish every single thing that u wanna do. 

but when i die, i wish to die in sleep, so that i wont feel a single pain xD


and im looking forward May 21st. Lets see if the world's gonna end on that day. losers. 

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  • Mar 11 Fri 2011 19:57
  • omg

i know its embarrassing to say this but...




and i swear i'll never wear that laoosie slipper again... during rainy days..

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so i went dinner with celine, charles, chern, wanyung and lisa just now. in bibiwok.

everything there was okay. in fact, we enjoyed. all those jokes... laughs... i definitely miss it. it really reminds me of the very very very original PM14, when everyone's still here. <3


slowly, we get full. and after that, chern and lisa went back early. 

then, i saw there some brown thing on my plate. at 1st i thought it was just food...  and when i focused on it.. DAMMIT! its a roach!!! omgeee... wtf mann... ITS HAPPILY SITTING ON MY PLATE!!! (*@#$&%@#&%#@%^0 U STUPID ROACH! as usual, i kinda screamed. telling celine and wanyung that theres a roach on my plate. 

after a while, i saw another 1. crawling around underneath the table..... dammit.

1 is enough!! 2???!!!! it must be kidding me man


i feel so gross now. as if i can puke my dinner.

charles, ur not the supposed to be blamed. its bibiwok. 



btw, photos will be uploaded by tomorrow on fb. will be posting here too. 


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  • Mar 08 Tue 2011 18:21
  • wait.

i never like letting people to wait for me 

because i hate waiting for people too long...

like... more than 10-15 minutes??????

unless u've got a good, solid reason.


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i had my dinner in chilli pan mee at usj9. the best place for chilli pan mee ever =D coz.. they have best chilli there mar... SPICY ENUF!!!  u know... IM CHILLI QUEEN!!! =D

so.. the story starts like this. 

i was waiting for food to come, and there come a few high skl BOYS!! sitting table beside us. and.. of course, they chat for a while before order their food, while waiting for the other friends. and one of the boy, he took off one of his slipper, put it on the table, and clean the blardie slipper with tissue.


so, i decided to turn my head away from them, coz u know, high school immature BOYS! i dont mind them talking about their experience of bowel movement after eating chilli pan mee there... coz... i always do that with my PM14 xD

and that wasnt the best part.. when one of his the other friend came, he moved in, and his friend sat on his place. yes. the place where he wiped his slipper. AND! he didnt even bother to at least wipe the table eventhough that doesnt help much on cleaning it... but at least is not that gross....

ohh!!  the best IS! his friend put the chopstick on the table before he start eating. 




GREAT! what a friend man!!! 

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tomorrow's biochem's test. 


if im absent tomorrow, people, please be note that im sick. and im serious. not because ponteng test kay. i feel so awful for the whole day. 

imagine it. 

i had severe headache ytd night( not that severe actually xD) then blardie hell, midnight raining with thunder pulak.. didnt getta sleep properly.. ish. and this morning cant get up... and yea, i woke up and 7 something, again. good thing that class is at 9. kinda studied in the library, yeap, managed to studied... abit.. at least. class till 2.30, thanks to ms annie for releasing us early... =D then,violin class at 3.45, and the new teacher is huge. HUGE! xD just hope that she wont see this. xD then piano at 6.30. and there it goes. later study biochem =S actually, its kinda recap of AS bio, so.. HAHA!!! no worries. shud be able to pass tomorrow's test =D


and now! 

time for bath!!! omg. im such a dirty pig. =S


chao people =D

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this whole week is HORRIBLE! erm.. the horrible means no time for me to have enough sleep larrr... as u know, WHAT CAN BE WORSE FOR ME OTHER THAN LACK OF SLEEP???omg. 


i've been continuously sleeping at 12 am and wake up at... 7 am. that's not the best part yet. THE BEST PART IS! ielts workshop!!! my 300 bucks just flew off like that. 3 consecutive days of 4 hours class. 1.30-5.30...  but, im glad that i didnt take the others 4 consecutive days of 3 hrs class. the mental torture of that, is even more, to me. XD 

1st day itself, i was already half dead after the workshop. 

2nd day, surprisingly, it wasnt that bad. infact, i didnt feel that tired.

and today, the LAST DAY! (thank god... ) seriously, im 3 quarter dead. GLAD THAT IM STILL SURVIVING!!! =D btw, today's lesson was interesting. xD teh 1st 2 hrs of the workshop was... as usual... the grouping session... INTERESTING!!! =D 

during the break, i was despo for take away, and im really really REALLY tired. so, yea, i actually said out this, OMG!!! I NEED TO SEE HOT GUYS TO REPLENISH!!!!  yesh. i actually said that. that actually came out from my mouth...!!! xD okay. thats not the main point. the thing is, i actually told my girls that theres a guy, that i noticed, at take away... the way he walk, reminds me of nic. xD and Ms. Kong Wan said, that fella is in our ielts class... and. yea... GREAT! coz i didnt know about that till the last day... last... 2 hrs of the workshop???? and its only less than 20 ppl there!!! and... the other guy we were talking about was the kinda gay guy. and it so happen that, both of them, was in the same group with me during the discussion session xD


gahhh... forgotten to ask where are they from. coz... they are interesting people. xD u know what mean right? interesting.... ... ...


thats for now... 

im freaking tired now. and... i can barely open my eyes... 

chao people =D


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sometimes, somethings, i know about it. just that i choose not to show that i know about it.

sometimes, i assume that you are talking about me, since i've got nothing better to do think. it's a way for me to entertain myself perhaps?

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