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so. today, i skipped maths and chem. again. yes. again. so, i wore the taylor's shirt today.

and YEH! wanyung wore the same shirt to college too! so, she's the best friend today =D 

owh. so, there's one pic that charles uploaded,  captioning kajang couple because they wore the taylor's shirt to college on the same day. lol. so, this is what we ASSUME that wearing same shirt means couple. (LOL WTF! WHAT A STUPID ASSUMPTION!)


so after lunch, when we were back to college, theres a row of guys, all wearing the taylor's shirt. the 2010 batch's taylor's shirt. somehow, i told juyinn this. 

waaseeehhh!!! i got SO MANY BOYFRIENDS!!!! but... ... .. why all so ugly wan???? LOL

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she came out with an epic sentence today. 


it started like this.  my youngest bro asked me why i choose to be a doc? did my paretns force me to study medicine. and i said no. 

then my mom told him.

if next time, your friend ask u something like this u ask them, oooohh so.. your parents force u to go secondary school, tution, (and some other stuffs which again, i forgot ><) 

then my bro asked, if they answer yes lehhh???



my mom told him to tell his friend... FARG YOU LAHHHH 




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just wanna ask, do i actually sound emo these days??????

 coz i didnt realize that until mr. irwan told me not to be emo. gahhh. i thought i was perfectly okay maybe not perfectly happy, but normal, usual siao zabo m2. 


 just answer me, yes or no. =)


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i remember i said,

if one day, if i found a person, who i think he/she is important to me,

i'll do whatever i can for them. 


just wanna say, the weenee that i always mention, he's just not the one. okay?

i won't do wtv i can for him.

coz im only a crazy fan on him.

thats all. 

and no, i didn't like him as in the ' like like' him.

and i mean it =)

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aaaahhhh, HOME SHWEET HOME~~!!!! =D

 woke up at 8.30 and rushed to lakeside good to reach there by 9.30. HA! and kinda stoned for an hr, the other hour walking arnd, knowing the performers ( tho not all xD) and bitching with hanjun and kokyang LOL! wait! i SHUD'VE took photo of them right??? since its like my very last performance for Taylors' == gahhhh.

okay. basically, im REALLY tired now. coz. i havent been resting, not even a sec since this morning. 


so, back to the performance. i think is so-so lar. for those who really into singing. lol. i kinda cracked at the 1st chorus itself for ET. but. good thing was, it was on some not in the chord. so it doesnt sounded too bad obvious, LOL! owh and, HAHA coz the mic was kinda far for ET, i cant really hear my voice. so.... hehe.i kinda went outta tune quite frequently. LOL.

then perfect, by pink, was at least better than ET, intonation wise LOL. at least i didnt crack. 

according to both my bitches, lisa & mingying, they were really really really shocked. like, REALLY SHOCKED! i can see it from bitch lisa's facial expression when i was performing the 1st song. i actually wanted to laugh out. 


oh and, for those u8s who went, i dont know what u guys felt, but, when i was performing, the whole crowd, not only u8, was really really really quiet. not even a single ppl talking. wtf. i dont know if thats good LOL or like what my bitches said, u guys were... stunned. but yeah. it was over. phew. finally. no need to worry abt any performance thing d =D


not forgetting, THANKS for coming and supporting BITCHES!! 

i love u bitches!!! 


(im being so rude nowdays xp)

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okay. enough of playing around for this 2weeks of the so called 'study leave'. trials' results are out. and its depressing. you yourself know that very clearly right?

this proves that your last minute work's not enough. no matter how hard u work last minute, IT AIN'T ENOUGH! quit the weenee weenee-ing and go back to ur studies. remember, what u promised yourself??? u wanted straight A's!!! and now??!!! YOU'RE GETTING FURTHER FROM IT!!!!


its only 3 weeks ahead. less fb! less movie! MORE STUDIES! MORE ... CONCENTRATION, MORE PATIENCE!!!!!


u better work hard now or u'll regret in 3-4 months time!

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i dont feel like blogging these days. but i wanna blog. it sounds stupid right? and the thing is, i'd got NOTHING to blog about. ==

ahh maybe this. the epic things my family came out with. 

1st of all, my mom.

  • at first, my cousin pointed a chicken pie to my mom and said, "siao yee, chi-p(b)ai worh. then, my mom: "*point at the chicken pie* uncle, gimme one chibai"

actually, my mom's got ALOT, but, hehe. i forgotten xP too bad 

then my dad,

  • that day, he was driving outside of the empire, going into the cara park, all of sudden, he just sang, i close my eyes~ and~ pray~. and the 4 of us, me, my mom and my bro, straight away gave him the wtf look. 
  • so, i was paying this iphone game (my mom's) called zombie farm, it rains sometimes(the game =.=). and one day, my mom say out kinda loud all of sudden that nikki's got a bad sore throat. and guess what, my dad thought that the 'nikki' my mom mentioned was one of the zombie in the game. LOL!

and, my aunt. 

  • one day, just all of sudden, she told us abt her colleague. so they were gossiping, and just, somehow, they talked abt fish leong, the m'sian chinese singer. but instead of saying fish leong, my aunt said ikan leong, and her colleague was like... wtf?! WHO THE HELL IS IKAN LEONG..???!!!  my aunt:"FISH LEONG LARRR!! NEHH THE SINGER LEHHH!!!!" and her colleague was like... oooooooooooooohhhhh

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yeap. i just came back from my FIRST driving lesson. OKAY OKAY!! i know u guys will be like... WTF?! NOW ONI U LEARN DRIVING?! WHY SO LATE?

easy! because, i was lazy, and busy was my main excuse. =D

so i went there, and the teacher asked, eh, u know how to drive ah? 

me:no. ==

teacher: zero ah? KOSONG AH????

me: yeahhh!! KOSONG!!

teacher: LOL okeh!! come come!!! i bring u go ... (some place which i'd forgotten)


took us 20 min to reacher there. gahhh. 

when we reach there, he changed he jokey face and turned into serious face. 

he: whenever u're in this car, do whatever i call u to do. Do only what i ask u to do. don't do your own things yeah i tell u. *and the pointy- pointy finger*

me:*fuisehhhh* ah ah ah!! okokok!!!

then there it goes the lesson. after a few rounds, the car started to jerk. LOL BECAUSE MY FAT LEG WAS TIRED to press and release SLOWLY the damn clutch! 

then he leave me turning rounds for AN HOUR!!! go and stop, go and stop... go until i almost get @.@ owh and he, went and chit chat with his friends. coz he actually fell aslept during the 1st 10 min when i was driving LOL!

after that, he said :now, u're gonna drive back home.

i was like... WHAT?! ME?! a first timer??? drive back home??!!!

then  he said: no need to panic~~~ just do only what i said~ dont add ur own things. 

and he's back to his jokey face.. im like.. erm.. okay... wtf. drive lah. 

and thank God, im home safetily =D

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想说,如果有一天我死了,也许是车祸中死了,死得很恐怖,你们会否为我哭泣,为我突然的离去感到伤心,为我从此不再世上而感到不舍,伤心。更重要的是, 你们会否永远地,想念我。 (自恋到~)


对,这说法是很幼稚。 但我相信很多人都跟我一样,心里永远有着这个问号-人死了之后会怎样?




真的很好奇。要等到死的那天,还久咧!!!!!!!!!!! xD

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i'd never felt SOOOOO happy there days, i mean... what's that to be so happy about..?? its only end of trials. BUT IM EXTREMELY EXCITED!!!!!! right after i came out frm the GAL, i was walking and singing 'born this way'. and there juyinn went, "so happy arh u??" and im like OFCOURSE LAR!!!! end of trials okay!!! (actually i dont even know whats that so great about it that im just so freaking excited.) and the worst thing was, towards the end of chem p4 exam, im actually singing friday by rebecca black... WTF?! it finally invaded me...???? NOOOO!!! ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!!! KONG!!! XD

and btw, i slept at 12 something am... ytd... erm.. today =D it took me for 1 nescafe for maths p3, which im not gonna talk about it, and1 subway white coffee for chem p4, JUST TO KEEP ME AWAKE!!!!!

lol. like lisa said, im like a baby, i need to sleep early. and all these days, just because of u blardie TRIALS, and tests, I'VE NOT BEEN SLEEPING... like... properly!! every single day, less than 6 hrs of sleep =D i know i know. theres SO MANY OF U out there, sleep like.. at 3 something coz studying, and wake up at 6 something... but i just cant stay up that late. IM.JUST.A.BABY!!!!!! and for night that have class at nxt early morning, sleeping at 1 or even 2 am IS MY MAX =D

anyways, for those who're still having trials, ALL THE BEST =D enjoy your last trials before your A2. =D dont worry about the marks. as celine said, ITS JUST TRIALS! cuba how many marks u get. =) that comforts my alot by srsly screwin up my mech. not to say my pure math 3 is good enough, but i can do. just that i dont know whether my answers are correct. same goes to chem and BIO! 

and YOU people, dont think my bio is like damn good. do u actually know how long i spent on it??? how many days i started studying before those tests? and the most depressing thing was when i started to do pyp, MY ANSWERS AREN'T IN THE MARK SCHEME!!!! i've got the idea, BUT NO KEY WORD!! and there's where i get so freaking frustrated. =D oops. this post is getting so emo. 

btw, IM STILL HIGH!!!!! =D

i ate nth to make me high. imagine it. without eating anything stimulating (erm.. this sounds so wrong) im already high. what will actually happen if i take alcohol..??? maybe i'll get worse. 



btw, i went s.pyramid to watch world invasion. ITS A REALLY GREAT MOVIE. =D 

to me, its something like... transformers. but with a SO MUCH BETTER plot, and story line. 

and there are some touching parts. i teared like... 3 times..??? xD

those who havent watch should watch. its a 2hrs+ movie. erm. only if u have the time to watch it. 


i LOVE her in the movie. she's SOOOO cute xD


and the lines are really interesting, to me xD

  • If its like this i'd rather be in Afghanistan!!!!
  • girl: oh mai!!!! my face is full with these nasty stuffs!!!! 

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