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i didnt started well at 1st. and i can tell u that SERIOUSLY. as in, the real serious type! 

the 1st one was the slope aka bukit. 1st time, i stopped before line. ok fine. the examiner told me that, as me to try agn. bare in mind that each candidate are given 2 chances. so, obviously, i somehow missed my 1st chance. and the best part's coming. the 2nd chance for the slope. yeah. best part.

i went up and stopped successfully, without any error. the examiner was satisfied with it. okay. then he ask me to continue my so called journey, tho its only a few metres. and the problem started. i press so called oil pedal, to the req ones. and slowly lift my clutch pedal up. then, mati engine. bapak. he said, x pe, boleh lagi. teruskan. okayyy. then another try, same darn thing again. this time i managed to move a lil front. but still, the same thing happened. damn. 4-5 times continuously like this. i became really panic. as in, my hands were shaking, i think that fella can even hear my breath. and, i was just a step before crying out. like, seriously, i was to cried out. I NEVER EXPERIENCED THAT OKAY! but surprisingly, those, actually happened in 1 minute. I NEVER EXPERIENCED SUCH  A LONG MINUTE IN MY LIFE! no joke. 

owh anyways, finally i getta go down in time. yes. in a minute. and when i turned out, i wast thinking, im so gonna fail my slope.


then, its the side parking. the 1 i hated most during learning since my instuctor scolded me alot on this, and i took a really long time to memorise those steps. i mean, its quite alot steps for a zero knowledge so called driver and dont even drive their parents' car. coz its too big xD ITS THE TRUTH OKAY! BUT!!!! this darn side parking, is the one that i did most smoothly during test. i took less that 3 minutes mann. not bad right??? :P owh i almost forgotten. during the side parking test, there's this examiner came and ask me, amoiiiiii!!!! knape x pakai tali pinggang??? mau saye fail u kaa???? i was like... WTF???!!! i dont know abt that okay!!! coz usually, my instructor will ask me to take off my seat belt for side parking. HOW THE HELL I KNOW LAHHH MUST PUT MY SEAT BELT ON?? U PPL SAY DO IT AS USUAL.... WTH! 


then, 3 point turn. another one which i nearly failed. as u guys know, we're not supposed to touch the yellow line right? guess what, my tayar ALMOST touched it. i had this bad feelings right after i turned into the dead end, so called. i knew i turned too early. when i was to reverse, i knew it was gonna touch the yellow line, and i was like, plz plz plz... no no no!! dont touch dont touch dont touch!!! and when i successfully went out, i was relieved. 


and when i went to get my result slip, i was really surprised that.. I ACTUALLY PASSED MY SLOPE! I DID IT WITHIN 1 MINUTE?????????????????? OMG MIRACLES!!! and i thought, God actually gave my whatever i wanted, so much. yes. THANK GOD! and i love u!

that was really a miracle. and fyi, no pao okay!!! u know what i mean. >:D


anyways, i passed overall. =DD sooo happy 

actually,  its only a probation period for a license, yet, im happy enough. <3 

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if u wanted it so desperately, u'd do anything just to motivate yourself to get those crap done. 

its about how u're motivated and how long you can stand it. 

basically, im not a person who's 1ce motivated, or set a target, i'll defenitely achieve it. i'm not. i'm those who give up easily. so, everything of that i'd achieved, it's the timing that made me achieve it. 

but somethings, sometimes, just don't go as what u wanted SO MUCH! its like, u tried harder, harder, and harder. and u thought that u'll actually kinda close to it. but, NO! u're actually so darn far away frm what u wanted. and then, you'd thought that, nevermind, i'll work harder. but, at one point, you work hard till u're no longer motivated, u're sick of that particular thing. it's like, owh, you again? urgh. but nevermind, u're mind are still strong enough to make you force yourself into it, giving the so called fake 'enjoying' expressions. and then, ur energy wearing out, day by day, the muscles doesn't even want to coordinate with ur brain. eventually, u're so fed up, starting to give up, and think that no matter how hard you tried, it's still not u wanted. at last, u're like 'owh screw it!' *throw your things aside* and you gave up. 

had you ever experience that??? owh and! the MOST IMPORTANT THING IS! u actually regretted when everything ended. IT'S SO HUMILIATING!

and yeah. in my case, i think im over practicing. i'd lost the motivation. im totally SICK of it. but i want it to be better, or i should say perfect... yes. perfect. I DONT WANT MYSELF TO REGRET! DAYUM! because, that's what i should get! 

maybe, some of u will think that i'm a kiasu bitch. yes. I AM! I ADMIT IT! I dont mind losing, BUT I HATE BEING LOOK DOWN BY PEOPLE! I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT! its enough that i'm being look down by people! i wanna make them as if their jaws drop hardly on the floor and crushed into powders as if some elephant or dinosaurs stepped on it.  u get what i meant? u know how desperate i am for that???? i guess only those who been through this before will understand how i feel. 



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1st of all, allow me to just nag for a moment... ...



okay, anyways, i'm not pissed lahh... im just... i find it ridiculous. EXTREMELY RIDICULOUS! GOSH! 



anyways, did i mentioned that i LOVE holidays???? lazying at home is soooooooooooooooooooo nais!!! i mean, i can sleep WHENEVER I WANT!!! that's like the BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!

and.... I HATE CAMPAIGNING!!! it make me feel so... thick skinned, as if im BUGGING everyone for the poor little likes as votes for me not to loose till so malu. ==

im really SICK of doing that. so, please peeps, help me, by liking the darn vid. kay??? =) like.. im begging for likes so that i wont loose till so malu...???

1st, like this page http://www.facebook.com/GiantAntsTalentHub 

then, like the vid in this page http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150205191772113

i personally think that in that vid, i didnt sang it good enough, but trust me, if u judge my singing by just watching that vid, THEN U'RE TOTALLY WRONG!! im not only that, i uploaded it and sent it to Giant Ants coz i was lazy of recording it again and again and again. every single time, when i get it right, and when its almost done, SOME SHITTY THINGS must happen that make me NOT TO USE the so called 'perfect' ones. =) 


and i know, some of u, those who think that... aaahhhh... lameee... lifeless. YES IM LIFELESS! 


btw, im working on adele's rolling in the deep and set fire to the rain. IF!!! there's chance, i'll upload it to youtube, and yeahhh, i'll post it here. =)



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i personally am NOT a 'must win' people. i dont mind losing at times, tho im quite a kia-su person, but still, SOMETIMES. =) 


and most of the time, towards things that im NOT interested,  I DONT FUCKING GIVE A DAMN SHIT ABOUT IT even if i lose. its okay that u win, withor without u deserving that , I DONT FUCKING CARE. but DO watch ur words u sucker! DONT FUCKING HUMILIATE THE OTHERS! thought that u're the best or some shit. if u win, u keep ur mouth shut or u freaking fake thank those ppl who helped u, I DONT CARE! but DO ASK UR LEHNGS aka ur FANS to shut the idiotic mouth that humiliate other ppl up! keep those words to urself if u think we are such a loser like how u think with ur narrow realistic idiotic brains.


im not dead, i can read. and yeah. THE BEST PART IS I so called do a background research you people!!


P/S: u are somehow a loser whenever u think u're a winner.
so, watch ur words winners. =) 
better not to piss losers like me off.
coz WE losers are good at cursing people.
owh yeah! 

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that was.. erm.. taken at.. 12am..??? 

when i've got NOTHING to do in the midnight, and having insomnia, and cant connect to maple server, the best thing i can do is... SS =D

eh eh eh.. dont lah gimme that wierd face.... I KNOW lah i always take all these weird weird ss pics :P BUT I REALLY GOT NOTHING TO DOOOOOOO... erm wait... what about the books that i bought ... ehhhhhehehhehehehe. I TOTALLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT XD 


its been since after SPM that i have my REAL holiday. even after SPM i didnt have much holidays, 3 weeks holidays i suppose? then CAL started. and after CAL's AS, the year end holiday was... really empty. i totally wasted that holiday. i can barely... erm.. not barely, I TOTALLY CANT RECALL WHAT I DID during the so called holidays. seriously. that was like.. i sleep for a few days, then college reopened. 

BUT! CAL was one for my fav part of my life. 
NICE MEETING ppl that i'd met frm CAL.
yes yes yes!!! u u u u u u u u!!! AND U !!! ALL OF U! =DDDDD


ANYWAYS, after CAL finals, guess what, i still got exams going on, violin exam, driving test. GAH. i cant wait for the S'pore trip :3


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i'm a craaaazy christina grimmie fan. BUT! somehow, when i heard of the album coming out, i wasn't excited at all, all the reaction i gave was, owh. okay. erm. yay! coz i thought that it will be.. u know, its her singing. yeah. christina grimmie. LIKE NORMAL.. AS USUAL. AWESOME VOICE. omg why am i bitting around the bush? OKAY MY POINT IS, I FOUND IT UNATTRACTIVE AT FIRST. urgh.




after i listen to her album, yeah, WHOLE ALBUM ON YOUTUBE! it was, surprising! u did a really great job christina. seriously. that was unexpected! give us more surprise next time =D


youtube is soooo fast. the album was only out this midnight, and poof. there it is. its already on youtube now!


basically, i like all the songs in the album. but yeah. i LOVE 'unforgivable' and 'liar liar' it sounded interesting =)



and... THAT IS THE END OF THIS POST =D aaahh. i know. some of you are giving my this wtf face. I KNOW! =) smile people. don't u know im always that lame????

before that, here's unforgivable. a very heart breaking song... if u ever experienced that, you should feel it after listening this song. bwaaaahhhhhhh *fake cry*


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SO! =D prom was over, which means, yeah. we're officially dismissed. wtf. =( but, its true also, people who're not local, will go all the way back to their hometown. and the locals are still stuck here, until, IF they have any chance to study in other country..??? IF..???

gosh. why'd i start this post with such a.. ... ... A SAD FEELING??? NOOO!!!




SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets make it sounds fun because IT IS! to be honest, the overall program was quite boring, if u actually follow every single thing. BUT!!!!!!!!!! c'mon!! WE ARE STUDENTS!!! =DDD basically, most of us ignored the emcees xD and i actually getta overheard their conversation, that they are, abiiiiiiiiiiiiiit pissed that we're actually ignoring them. HEHE they were like... THEY ARE NOT LISTENING!!!! TALK SO MUCH FOR WHAT???? LOL


then, ofcourse, i ignored. again. xD coz i was busy recording the teacher's dance. HAHA!
and there u go, the teacher's dance. =D 



owh btw, the 1st performance, before the teacher's dance, was.... nice... BECAUSE THEY INCLUDED XTINA'S SHOW ME HOW U BURLESQUE =DDDDDD u know~~ im a xtina freak..!! HAHA! it seems that im the only person who screamed when they played xtina's song xDXD bapak excited okay!!!! =D

basically, we enjoyed laughing at people yesterday. 

prom was basically fun! i mean, because its new to me, i find it interesting, doing my own things, AND IGNORING PERFORMANCES WAS REALLY FUN tho i know its really really RUDE. but i cant help it. =D NOW I KNOW WHY PPL USUALLY IGNORE PERFORMANCES WHEN PPL ARE PERFORMING =D its not that they dont wanna respect them, its just, sometimes, too many performances, and when u're unlucky, people thinks that ur performance is boring, then.. they... DO THEIR OWN STUFFS =D

i was thinking, if i were performing up there, i bet people will do the SAME THING. so, i'm really glad that im not performing, having great time messing around, walking around =D and also, at least i know i sing better than some of them (HAHAHAHAHAHHHA!!!! LANSI LAH NOW!!!!)

anyways, the food kinda sucked, but luckily i was kinda hungry, so, HEHE! i ate it, or i'll waste my.... .. seratus lima puluh ringgit. WTF! btw, i think the best food was the bun with butter xD

anways, im darn lazy to talk so much here.



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YO! im back from prom. 

will post after i wake up. im darn tired now to post about the details. 
basically enjoyed the night.

legs hurting like... yeah... its really tired.

eyes are really closing right now. so. CHAO PEEPS.



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1. bathe my doggie =D

2.get some bag for my prom. coz my mom told me last minute that she actually gave the bag i wanted to use to other ppl. GREAT =D i getta get a new one xD

3.driving lesson at 11am. == lazy lahhhh seriously.

4.go wanyung's house at 1.30pm. finally getta see her house. =DDDDD let see how big is her house. xD 

and ofcourse, my fon, must be fully charged, to take awesome pics. =DD


see u awesome people tomorrow ! 



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now, its-time-for-me-to-say..............................




i thought i NEVER wanted A lvls to end. but. towards the end, i SUPERB SICK of the stress. DARN SICK OF IT! so, if u every say to me, im damn stress for SPM now, or... even normal skl test,ESPECIALLY IF U'RE IN SKL, I'LL DEFO DOUBT U! XD 

mann. doing A lvls is the 1st time in my life that i'd ever worked SO HARD for studies. yes. WITHOUT TUTION! i know some of u filthy rich people go tution for A lvls. im not like u people, GOT RICH PARENTS XD

now, i hope my results are like in end of sem2, =D i'd NEVER get that good results before, without tution, it was all my hard work. like. SERIOUSLY XD i even work MUCH harder that AS finals. wtf right? i know.

and, because of this,  AS came out quite depressing. for those of u who actually know abt it, yeah. its ALL because of bio. i REALLY thought that i could get at least an A for bio. but it turned out a WEAK B. and im like WTF?! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? but when i redo my PYP, for this time, retake bio, i finally know why. the ang mohs want BAPAK FULL ANSWERS! and im are like... hehehh half way through. if u know me well, u'll know that i ASSUME alot. =) thats why im bad in thinking skills xD yesh. i used to FAIL alot for my TKS in sem 1 HEHE! but HEY! I AT LEAST GET A B for my finals. not bad right?? UNGRADED TO B! =D thanks to Ms D's erm, GREAT TEACHING and the good thinking skills' classmates who always use TKS to argue on fb HEHEHEH

bapak. this is SO getting outta topic. 

ANYWAYS! A lvls, IM DONE! God please give me results that i wanted so badly all these while. PLEASE! i dont mind my life's boring. JUST, i need those results! :O


OWH AND!!!!! if u're free, mind clicking on this, 1st  like the page, then like this vid. 
i don't mind losing. but, just not so malu lah. 

 my mom is SO GAN ZHEONG. dont understand why oso. i'd lost my motivation d. anways, JUST VOTE FOR ME PEEPS! i might not sing DARN good as u expect, but just for the sympathy, just VOTE ME KAY? i love u peeps =) 


i hate asking ppl to vote me, because that makes me sound SO LOA, and despo ==

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please help me to the vid, its in the link below. BUT! before that, like the page. 


i dont mind loosing, but i dont wanna loose till damn malu. kay peeps? THOSE WHO VOTED, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! AND U GET MY BLESSINGS =D


click this.

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i might be a lil emo these days, 


okay, so, my holidays' inofficially started. since i still got 1 more paper, BIO P1. =D BUT YEAH. people like me, is not gonna start it so darn early like right after bio p4 then straight away start bio p1, and the main thing is, ITS BIO P1!!! MCQ! wtf. start so early for what????????


anyways, back to ytd. since i know my parents well and they know me well (erm, kinda xD), i decided to tell inform them kinda last minute that im going movie with my dearest pm14. tho its only,6 of us == BUT I CAN EXPLAIN THAT!!!!! some people went back, some people's got something else to do xD

ok ANYWAYS! =D we went for KungFuPanda 2 
TONS of lame jokes!!!!! i would be nicer if those girls sitting behind us kept quiet!
this is what they did :

  •  oooohhhh SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • *38 screams*
  • *bitch laugh at things who're NOT EVEN FUNNY*

okay i know its bad to bitch abt ppl this way, but its not only me, all 6 of us find it SUPER ANNOYING! owh and immediately after the movie, i actually bitched about them HEEE!!! that's what bitches do. gah.


yeahh this time getta take pic with him =D
coz that day after chem he rushed home like a kiasu xD 

yy's back. 
he turned back coz was kinda pissed coz i said the background is too bright,
cant see his face in camera. 

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