i might be a lil emo these days, 


okay, so, my holidays' inofficially started. since i still got 1 more paper, BIO P1. =D BUT YEAH. people like me, is not gonna start it so darn early like right after bio p4 then straight away start bio p1, and the main thing is, ITS BIO P1!!! MCQ! wtf. start so early for what????????


anyways, back to ytd. since i know my parents well and they know me well (erm, kinda xD), i decided to tell inform them kinda last minute that im going movie with my dearest pm14. tho its only,6 of us == BUT I CAN EXPLAIN THAT!!!!! some people went back, some people's got something else to do xD

ok ANYWAYS! =D we went for KungFuPanda 2 
TONS of lame jokes!!!!! i would be nicer if those girls sitting behind us kept quiet!
this is what they did :

  •  oooohhhh SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • *38 screams*
  • *bitch laugh at things who're NOT EVEN FUNNY*

okay i know its bad to bitch abt ppl this way, but its not only me, all 6 of us find it SUPER ANNOYING! owh and immediately after the movie, i actually bitched about them HEEE!!! that's what bitches do. gah.


yeahh this time getta take pic with him =D
coz that day after chem he rushed home like a kiasu xD 

yy's back. 
he turned back coz was kinda pissed coz i said the background is too bright,
cant see his face in camera. 

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