i didnt started well at 1st. and i can tell u that SERIOUSLY. as in, the real serious type! 

the 1st one was the slope aka bukit. 1st time, i stopped before line. ok fine. the examiner told me that, as me to try agn. bare in mind that each candidate are given 2 chances. so, obviously, i somehow missed my 1st chance. and the best part's coming. the 2nd chance for the slope. yeah. best part.

i went up and stopped successfully, without any error. the examiner was satisfied with it. okay. then he ask me to continue my so called journey, tho its only a few metres. and the problem started. i press so called oil pedal, to the req ones. and slowly lift my clutch pedal up. then, mati engine. bapak. he said, x pe, boleh lagi. teruskan. okayyy. then another try, same darn thing again. this time i managed to move a lil front. but still, the same thing happened. damn. 4-5 times continuously like this. i became really panic. as in, my hands were shaking, i think that fella can even hear my breath. and, i was just a step before crying out. like, seriously, i was to cried out. I NEVER EXPERIENCED THAT OKAY! but surprisingly, those, actually happened in 1 minute. I NEVER EXPERIENCED SUCH  A LONG MINUTE IN MY LIFE! no joke. 

owh anyways, finally i getta go down in time. yes. in a minute. and when i turned out, i wast thinking, im so gonna fail my slope.


then, its the side parking. the 1 i hated most during learning since my instuctor scolded me alot on this, and i took a really long time to memorise those steps. i mean, its quite alot steps for a zero knowledge so called driver and dont even drive their parents' car. coz its too big xD ITS THE TRUTH OKAY! BUT!!!! this darn side parking, is the one that i did most smoothly during test. i took less that 3 minutes mann. not bad right??? :P owh i almost forgotten. during the side parking test, there's this examiner came and ask me, amoiiiiii!!!! knape x pakai tali pinggang??? mau saye fail u kaa???? i was like... WTF???!!! i dont know abt that okay!!! coz usually, my instructor will ask me to take off my seat belt for side parking. HOW THE HELL I KNOW LAHHH MUST PUT MY SEAT BELT ON?? U PPL SAY DO IT AS USUAL.... WTH! 


then, 3 point turn. another one which i nearly failed. as u guys know, we're not supposed to touch the yellow line right? guess what, my tayar ALMOST touched it. i had this bad feelings right after i turned into the dead end, so called. i knew i turned too early. when i was to reverse, i knew it was gonna touch the yellow line, and i was like, plz plz plz... no no no!! dont touch dont touch dont touch!!! and when i successfully went out, i was relieved. 


and when i went to get my result slip, i was really surprised that.. I ACTUALLY PASSED MY SLOPE! I DID IT WITHIN 1 MINUTE?????????????????? OMG MIRACLES!!! and i thought, God actually gave my whatever i wanted, so much. yes. THANK GOD! and i love u!

that was really a miracle. and fyi, no pao okay!!! u know what i mean. >:D


anyways, i passed overall. =DD sooo happy 

actually,  its only a probation period for a license, yet, im happy enough. <3 

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