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  • Aug 30 Tue 2011 23:37
  • s.s

shiok sendiri = self entertaining = fatt haoo?? wtf?!


but i've been ss-ing all these years since like primary skl?? *faints*


i always sing songs and make stupid facial expressions to myself. i always stalk wesley chan and kept saying 'aww he's sooo cute' to comp, i used to think im the prettiest girl in the world (LOL i know this is damn over), i always recorded some covers but never upload it because i never get satisfied with what i did and eventually delete it lol, i never wanna go astro talent quest (since last time) because i always think that if i go i'll easily get the champion (LMAO!)


and yeah. OFCOURSE! shioksendiri pictures, i have TONS of it! like seriously. if i rmb clearly, i started taking all these s.s act cute photo at.. form 2... LOL i know, beh tahan sua ku like me right? heeee. 



P/S: thanks mom for ur germs making me sick during my awesome holidays :p

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i cant stop stalking people since few years back. heeee. guess it's my habbit now instead of practicing wtv instruments i SHOULD be practicing. 

fyi, i basically stalk people around me. lol

boo you hopeless m2. 


P/S: was late for class coz i woke up late (forgot to set alarm -.-)

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a short one for today. 

so, i went KL with those imu people today. (sry if i sound rude to u peeps) overall, it was fun and memorable i suppose? HAHA i mean, now everyone's becoming showing more and more of their s.s side of them. hee. for those who don't know, i'm an extremely s.s person. the PM14s will know. :D


then we went for movie, Cars 2. i'd say the movie's not bad. some stupid lame funny parts. i like the pistachio ice cream part. its so funny heeeee. and yeah, those 2 sitting beside me, kept sms-ing arrr ... u knw who you are >:D but haha, im not blaming u lahh LOL dont feel bad abt it kay. hee. 


anyways, im super blur since uni started. orientation and stuffs... guess im not really use to waking up early in the morning. coz i'll be super blur in the morning, and noon onwards starting to hyper d. :P so basically, 1 week flew away just like that. and 1 week of raya holidays, which i getta rest, shut up at home, and drink more water. coz if u don't know, i lost my voice. too much of shouting for group cheer and all stuffs for continuously 5 days, and not drinking much water. HEHE


anyways, to ppl i know from ME211, HAPPY HOLIDAYS :D


PS:saw something and it's damn hopeless 

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  • Aug 26 Fri 2011 22:29
  • tired

im really tired.

orientation is really tiring.

and all i wanna say is, im BLARDIE TIRED. 



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a really quick one before i sleep. i just came back from imu orientation. yeah. at night. :) was just back from their 'dirtifying' (lol) WET ice breaking. 

overall, day one was plain boring. i mean, talks and talks and talks. BUT!!!! nice meeting new people. AND OLD PEOPLE :D its really pleasant meeting u peeps :D

day 2, tho the program book kept saying that its mad, i still dont see any madness in it.. especially the wet part LOL. coz i went through something more mad in the wet stations. so, cannot blame u people oso lah. i mean, the squid station is damn stinking LOL i rmb some senior said, WHO THE HELL SO STINKY and!! nicky(group member) quitely ran away. coz he was asked to soak his shirt into the pail of water, which HAD squids, fishes and all those stuffs idrk in it LOL.

till now, i'll say its fun. more to go later on. and i hope its fun-ner LOL


p/s: my throat hurts now. argh. AND! bitching about mr LOA is damn fun :D he's not that bad tho, just, plain annoying.

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my dad sent me this thing, and i thought its was interesting. i mean, the title sounds interesting. so i opened this mail and try it out. didnt wanna believe it at 1st coz, things like these are always too general, i mean it fits everyone, and SOMETIMES after u read the results, all u're gonna say is, AHHHHHH CRAP!!! JUST WASTED MY TIME FOR THIS STUPID THING! lol


anyways, the reason i copy & paste it here is because i think it kinda fits me well for the result i got. try it out, its quite fun actually. make sure u dont look at the answers before u choose ehh!


Personality Test 
Select a shape below that appeals to you the most and then scroll down to read about your personality. A psychologist developed these shapes. They have been tested worldwide, over a period of several years. As we received feedback from our research, we carefully adjusted the color and/or form of each shape, then tested again, until we were left with a highly successful set of shapes. These represent the nine basic personality types. 
cid:1.158643265@web31909.mail.mud.yahoo.com                         2cid:2.158643265@web31909.mail.mud.yahoo.com                 3cid:3.158643265@web31909.mail.mud.yahoo.com                           4cid:4.158643265@web31909.mail.mud.yahoo.com                  5 
cid:6.158643265@web31909.mail.mud.yahoo.com                           7 cid:7.158643265@web31909.mail.mud.yahoo.com                 8cid:8.158643265@web31909.mail.mud.yahoo.com                          9 


Which shape will you choose  ? 





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just had some interesting talk with my friends about the ghost since its july 14th on the chinese calendar :P

i always find all these things interesting, but somehow i cant find any solid prove for it. hmm :/


its creepy but ITS FUNNN!!!! ;D

 we somehow ended up talking about food though :P

 but if u have the chance, do try that sometime. its REALLY fun :D












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results day's OVER!!!! i feel that it's quite neccessary for me to come here and say something about it. 

to some people, my result's not that good, some even get the same thing as me, they're emo-ing now. but to me, i think it shows effort, how much i successfully convert my effort to percentage. although it's not great, but it ain't bad. im satisfied. :)

to me, getting an A proves my effort went into a good way. it shows how much i studied, which is alot. i remember i said, i aimed for straight A's. apparently, the perfection didnt happen in me. i got a B for my chemistry, yes, i really slacked alot after my trials, coz i thought that i was good enough in chem, and as time goes, i forget what im suppose to remember. yes. this shows that, dont be over confident, thinking that u're smart. no. but, i didn't feel that bad, because firstly, everything has ended, its like, i officially have nothing to do with Cambridge A-level anymore. secondly, it's my fault, lesson learnt, its my own laziness, the only person im to blame with is me, myself. but whats the point of being sad right now? no point. its already a fact, gotta accept it anyhow. i wanna say sorry to mamaG for letting her down, she actually gave me an A for my forecast, and that's the only thing i feel bad about my results.

i'm a person who gets nervous easily especially towards things that i care ALOT! 

seriously, this is the 1st time in my life, not sleeping for more than 24 hrs. i cant sleep. im so worried about the results. thanks to my parents constantly telling me bad cases. i only applied 1 uni, and they keep reminding me if my results aren't good enough to get into it. dang. but luckily, i manage to get into uni :D 

my body was aching when i so called 'woke up' this morning at 8 something. 


and yeah. record breaking day. i freaking clicked the refresh button for 2 whole hours and more just to get into the freaking website and check for my results. 

just wanna ask, U KNOW that this is happening everytime when u release results right? THEN WHY DONT U IMPROVE THE FREAKING WEBSITE!!!! do u know that the money we pay u people for the examination fees are ALOT??? u can freaking earn bazillion there. but why dont u use those money to improve the results checking website? 


anyways, i wanna thank all my teachers, ms annie, mamaG and mr satya :D thanks for the consultation time. tho i didnt went very frequent until examination days. and i wont forget that i was the only one who attended bio class when its getting nearer to exam. its kinda fun though. but skipping classes is even more fun :P
we had great times attending your classes. :) although our class is not like other class, scoring crazily high marks, but, hey, u know, some filthy rich ppl go for tution, we dont :D





and finally, CAL, im done. 
*feelin kinda sad now* 

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i've been rotting at home for 2 whole months after A2 exam. and now, its only 10 more days for results. erm. great.... ( sense the sarcasm??)


okay. okay. less crap. what i wanna say is just.. im worried abt my results. thats it. sigh.


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