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i was kinda stalking people around me, and the more pics of them i view, the more i think. why are they so cute. they're such awesome people, such cute pies :D and there i go..... HYPERRRRR :DDDDD

im happy im happy im happy im happy im happy im happy 
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im happy im happy im happy im happy im happy im happy 

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things seems going good these days, but it's actually not as good as i thought i was. wth :/


it's the insecure in me that i feel. 

i'm forever feeling this insecureness. it's not that i want to feel like this. it's that i have no choice. just, somehow. maybe u call this PMS. but nyah. i dont think so. its me. i'm the problem. 

i always have all these crappy feelings. ofcourse, what im feeling now, its just very mild. more of wesley-chan-ing WILL make me feel better. BUT!! the problem is, i'll feel the same crap again whenever i see them. -.-


urgh. im being such a bitch again. 

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I remember few months back, i posted on how dissapointedof me towards myself. yes. its was because of violin exam. 

i was so nervous that my bow cant even stay still especially during scales. and that's not the worst part. the worse part was, i totally screwed my pieces up. that's what i think at least. i put in so much effort, i wanted distinction coz i know i can get that if i practice enough. and that of what i did in the exam room, really made myself down, i was so disappointed to myself coz i know i can do SO MUCH better than that. and yeah. the main reason was i thought i'd never get distinction. 

i'm a kiasu person, sometimes, as u can see.  -.-

frankly, i even overpracticed for this. until my muscles ache like mad. 

and idk how many times i have to say this but it really took me a week at least, to feel ABIT! better. ofcourse that would be longer without wongfuproductions :D speaking of wongfu, IM SO EXCITED THAT THEY'RE IN TAIWAN FOR LEEHOM'S MV ;DDDDDDDDDDD

anyways, i think most of u awesome peeps arnd me know, i get distinction for it. :D actually, when my bro sms-ed me, i was watching jonny english. i actually had not much feelings getting distinction. but it was indeed a surprise for me as i totally gave my hope up of getting distinction. 


P/S: i love my PM14 and Grp6 too :D

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what if the fortune that'd been following all these time, decided to ditch me, and go for the others?

imagine it.

that time, i'll be very dead. 

this time, it's a serious matter. if i miss it, and that's it. u awesome human can say buh-bye to your awesome Dear Michelle Too Ee Shan. 



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i've got so many things to say. but idk what exactly should i say. owhmai. 2 weeks of orientation passed. strictly speaking, its actually 3 weeks, including the raya week :)

i enjoyed alot overall. seriously. abt the didnt fit in and all during the heart-to-heart-talk at finale night, was true. i didnt meant to be rude or smth. but i think i should clarify. the reason i felt that i cant fit in was because i felt the so called intec gang's bond was too strong, its kinda hard to blend into them at 1st. but after so many activities, nahhhhhhhhh WE LOVE EACH OTHER. DONT U THINK SO? ;D 

im not a person who's good in words, i suck in talking. besides, the reason i didnt talk much about how i feel that time was because i know if i continue talking, i'll cry. im a very sensitive person. from my past experience, whenever i talk during all these thing, i'd cry at my 2nd sentence itself. i just dont wanna cry like how i did. trust me, its darn ugly. 

anyways, this is what i'm gonna say to all of u awesome grp 6 hamsaps (seniors AND juniors). 
im glad to be in group 6 meeting u awesome people, having those awesome bitching session, gossiping session, fungkaz-ing session, etc. the only regret for me is to miss those mamak session. as u know, i cant go because i have AWESOME parents. *u know what i mean :D* and i'm really proud that our performance are mostly TOP :D too bad that no one recorded our pirates of carribean 5 performance during variety night. i really enjoy being around u peeps. 

we really laugh outta nth huh. 






and i enjoyed being pikachu that night 



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im the bitch. 

it's all my fault. 

close case. 


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1 hr of sleep and u're being bitched right after u're ready for everything and to go, then suddenly she freaking bitched like how a bitch bitch u early in the morning really spoil the mood. 

and hell, im really sleepy... couldn't sleep until 6 something and woke up and 7 something. i was freaking ready, and she said yelled that we're not going now. wtf?! screw u man

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  • Sep 08 Thu 2011 00:28
  • mamaG

i miss her soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much


reason being there's a lecturer in imu that looks like her, seriously looks damn alot like her before she cut her hair into the... erm.. celine's mother-daughter-hair. HAHA

anyways, there's STILL reason for it. because mamaG's being soooooo kind all these while, as what we call her, our 2nd mom. she's soooo nice and all

and this fake mamaG, ganas betul. scold scold scold scold. D: me no like :P nolah. actually, i know lah, its for our own good, she scold us because she CARE of us, i suppose. but i everytime i see her, it reminds me of the ORI mamaG, and they are like... SO DIFFERENT, as in the characters all terbalik wan. grr. 

ori mamaG's pronunciation's not that good, as i can still rmb, oxygen-ozizen, umbrella-umberra, fertilizer-fatty lijer, etc. i mean, she's so nice, and cute, and mother-like and all (LOL) and suddenly, appears the fake mamaG, its like her evil twin sis (wtf?!) 

its like making me to think that hmmm, that's how mamaG's like when she's fierce. LOL


anyways, I MISS HER!!

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back in those days, when i was schooling, i NEVER liked going to school. NEVER. i get soooooo emo during sunday because its sunday. erm.. i mean, after sunday is monday right??? (yea, i know this sentence is stupid, even kindergarten kids know -.-) and i'll be thinking, OH NO! ITS MONDAY!!! skl again... =.= i dont wanna wake up so early and wear those stupid uniform... gahhhh!! especially those high skl uniform, its like a blue-ugly-apron, if u ever notice it. and time passes really slow(to me)

monday, during perhimpunan, when the teachers are talking on the stage up there, i usually will stare look at them, and my mind will be blank, its basically sleeping. (im very good at that, leaving my mind blank and stare look at ppl, and usually ppl will think that im concentrating alot :P) yeah i know im a very good student, very good ones :P tuesdays, i'll be thinking, harrr... today is only tuesday... when comes fridaaaayyyyy??? owh nooooo then wednesdays, haiyo... only wednesday... D: thursdays, ohyea! tomorrow friday! class ends at 12.30!!! when friday comes, WEE FINALLEHHHHH!!! CLASS ENDS AT 12.30, AND I CAN GO HOME AND SLEEEEEEPPP!!! ( i dont really go home and sleep tho, im more of a watching tv person that time :P)


5B!!! :D
idk why, i used to have no feelings to this pic, but now i love it. 


THEN! when i went to college, time FLIES like an airplane. seriously. its like i go college, i feel as if its only a few hours, and then, i can go home. and that time i always do said this: what???!!! finish class d??? wah damn fast ahh!! good! :P and our class time was 8am-4pm ITS EVEN LONGER THAN HIGHSKL! :O

wherelse during high skl days, every minute are like hours to me. no joke. i believe this is what most of u feeling/felt too. 

and in college, without me knowing, its already FRIDAY!  then, 1.5 years passed, im done with CAL, and im in imu now. and for some reason, God knows what reason, im actually looking forward for mondays. kinda... owh maybe its because i'd got nothing to do at home. yeahhhh.. should be lahh :P


anyways, i miss my PM14






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things happened these days are being so hopeless

ohwait, seems like this post gonna be an emo post. u can just click the 'x' up there if u're not interested. 



here we go.


i feel darn bad for everything i did these days since starting of uni. too much of inside stories. and i choose not to say it here. (i learnt my lesson few years back from being too honest and telling out everything i felt at my blog and in the end, hah, i suffered.)

guess u're scratching ur head trying to figure out what happened? nahh. its not something big. i'm a very sensitive person. i just can't get over things eventhough its no big deal. whenever i felt embarrassed, that feeling will be in me for, at least 2 weeks? and especially when i did something wrong and i can't get over it, that's like a month at least for me to get over it. seriously. (like my recent violin exam, i felt really bad screwing it up and that made me didn't sleep for 1 whole week, and in order to feel better in that 1 whole week, i have to drown myself in wongfuproductions everyday, 24/7, but that helps :D)

this time, i feel that im being too thick faced. for those who dont know, i hate being those people that go around and ask for help as if im a baggar or something, especially to people that im not so close to, yet. its as if im taking advantage on people, and i HATE being like that. and yea. this is what im feeling these days. 

orientation in uni was great. but my parents' been nagging alot. when i say alot, means ALOT! and when i say they're nagging, well, they probably go beyond nagging, u know what i mean.

P/S: i effing hate transport problem

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seriously, when i saw this, i was very happy. 

i've been wanting to do this since last time. i recorded and deleted many times coz i never get satisfied with it. *damn perfectionist ehh?? XD*

owh btw, FYI!!!!!
the 1st song this junior played, HEHEHEHEHEH
proudly saying,

that time i was still sucky in accompanying esp for all these songs. i was just starting to do all these that time :D

but i HAVE to say, this boi, his hearing not bad ehh. most of the accompany part are similar to the original. like the 1st song, i actually did quite alot mistakes there if u listen to the original version, which i really hope u dont damage ur ears by doing that. PLEASE DONT TORTURE UR EARS KAY? :D 

maybe if u ask me to do now, hmm.. i'll do something better than that lohhhh *chewah lansi sial :P*

anyways, i think im done with what i wanna say. 
just some words for this siudidi who did this, AWESOME shit kid!!! at least u have the guts to post this up. if i were u, i'd delete it because of the phone ringing part and starting to regret (if its a good one) after a few sec.
anyways, good job! 



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