been out during the weekends. 
im literaly being outside more than at home.
i dont have much chance going out like this.
coz my mom's such a lazy bump that she'd rather stay at home and sleep during weekends :P
which is kinda boring to me.  

enjoyed my weekend very much since my aunt's here.
all the crap, food, shopping, etc.
naw, im missing her already...

this weekend somehow passed extrordinarily fast to me. 

owh btw,
shopping malls are all nicely decorated already!
heh, its SOO NAIS :)
i LOOOVVEE christmas decorations!
its so cute yet elegant!
don't u agree with that?

Hear the angel's voice

anyways, i cant wait for thurs fot the trip!
Finally, im BACK!
for after.. .. ...


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