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i dont know how true is this, but i received this as an email and it says....

Keep Walking..... Because...
The Organs of your body have their sensory touches at the bottom of your foot.
If you massage these points you will find relief from aches and pains as you can see the heart is on the left foot. 

Typically they are shown as points and arrows to show which organ it connects to.

It is indeed correct since the nerves connected to these organs terminate here.

This is covered in great details in Acu-pressure studies.
God created our body so well that he thought of even this.
He made us walk so that we will always be pressing these pressure points and thus keeping these organs activated at all times.

So, keep walking....... LIVE LONGER !!!!!

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i dont know about you people, but i'll go hyper whenever i see my friends no matter how shitty i feel inside. 

class' great after the 1 week of CNY off. i mean, CNY! the number of angpaos received doesnt really matter to me coz CNY is all about reunion! meeting your.. ... ... long-time-no-see family members! your cousins, your fun AHNTY and UNCOs! owh and.. FOOD! :D CNY cookies! nom nom noms~

i wasnt in the CNY mood till the 1st day of CNY, 12am :P the mood came in only after wishing everyone i know (most of u) why is that so late? ehem. because, A MED STUDENT IS LIFELESS!!!! imagine, u have to study during ur CNY, when u're suppose to eat, sleep, play, receive angpaos and repeat! haha. okay okay, i know im exagarrating. yes. being a med student is lifeless. but in MY case, its because my exam's around the corner. so yeah. 

im a kiasu person, i don't wanna fail. and i can guarantee, no one would LOVE to fail in anything in their life. 

anyways, back to topic. i expected this year's CNY will be boring, lifeless, etc. tho i didnt do much things during the 1 week break but when people asked me about my 1 week off, i somehow tend to reply them with.. AWESOME! from what i remember, what i did was, receive angpao, eat, watch tv, online, do some unproductive study, sleep, talk.. .. ..  and thats seemed to be all.... owh and walk around with my family! :D idk if i changed, but i find listening to my family's stories' interesting. yes. including my aunts', uncles', cousins' bitching session! owh well, bitching sessions are always interesting. :P

now that im back in subang, classes started, i miss my AHNTIS, my UNCOs, my cousins, my cousins' kids. why are my family so cute? :3


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  • Jan 27 Fri 2012 22:06
  • CNY

its been a sweet CNY this time :)
things i didnt expected came in sweetly. 
the only thing i hope is to keep this sweetness going throughout the year, even CNY's over. 


btw, the sweetest thing about this CNY,
he's been a cutie so far. 10 months old baybeh. <3
following me everywhere even to my room!
and guess what, he'll make all sorta noises but bark just to make me come down and release him frm being tied up.

smart dog :P 



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"Study's a very hard thing to do u know? u must be determined and discplined enough to clear your mind out and sit down there and study" - Ms annie

frankly, i didnt really get what she meant until recently. i mean, why is it so hard to sit down, and clear my mind off and study? why is that so hard? it's either im distracted or i feel sleepy a few minutes later. and then, wtv i read are outta my mind. 

it's like i can do anything for HOURS than studying. i can stare at some white boring plain wall for hours than studying efficiently, i can watch tv and rmb everything there than studying efficiently, i can youtube for hours, i can fb for hours, i can chat for hours, etc. 

anything but studying efficiently. W.H.Y!

its depressing realizing the fact that people studying so much lesser than u, and they can remember things better, u studied more, but u remember nothing. feeling like an useless bimbo facing the stack of notes and remember nothing. 

P/S: this is not an emo post. 
its more of a bitching ones.  


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sometimes, silence's the gold, preferably, with a smile. and that's what i always do. 

been having mood swings these days and its so temperamental. its like, being hyper in this min, and the next sec, not sure whether's the consequence of being hyper or what, i'm emo. its like a plane crash. being high up in the sky few min ago and nxt few min, crashed. and the funniest thing is, im back to normal in the nxt few min, and there again, when im alone or even some small, tiny lil thing happened, i get emo again. sigh. hormones *shakes head*

i wouldnt say i've been crying alot these days, in fact, i did cry. but not a lot. 

i need to release all these shit i have in me. and the only way, is through tears. shedding these tears, with full of negative feelings, feels great. ofcourse, i have a shortcut way of shedding these tears, watching some sad/touching movie. :P i mean, that's the fastest way to cry if u feel really horrible at the moment but there's no way to release it. To be frank, i tried crying using adele's song. but, idk whether the problem is that i listen to much to her songs or what, i somehow can't cry. the most would be tearing up, and it dried up. thats all. 

ANYWAYS, im kinda outta topic now. back to topic. :P 

these mood swings, people been asking me, what happened to me these days. and my only reaction to them is to give either my hiao-est laugh or my sweetest smile, without any words replied. its not that i dont wanna reply, but i really thing it's pointless to explain and its all small matter, i dont wanna exaggerate it to wow you people, and partly, im lazy to think how to rephrase my sentence in a proper way. u know i suck at it :/



kissin's playing's taking my breath away. 

to me, he's some weirdo in life, as in the way he talk, he act, etc. 
but all these doesn't really matter after listening to his playing. 

he's a great performer indeed.
one of the most gifted.  

perhaps u'll understand what i've been feeling after listening to all these songs. 


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there are more time per day, so that i have more time to study and sleep longer.

exams aren't on end of feb, so that i can go see wongfu without any worries.

you remember me, you talk to me, so that i'll be motivated to study everyday. 

i have better brain, so that i remember whatever i read and waste so much time reading/doing the same old thing over and over again. 

we photo(s) together. we know each other. we chat with each other. 

im yours and you're mine. 




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  • Jan 06 Fri 2012 17:41
  • 2012

it's not THAT long since i blogged here. it was only before i went overseas. 
it's not that i don't wanna blog, it's just that im so tired, never get sick of sleeping since i was back from HK&TW. and yea, im lazy to report out what i done there coz so many things happened. ANYWAYS, i had great time over there. :) 

and yeah, this is the 1st post of mine on 2012. 
i really think 2012 is a year to learn, much more, compared to past years.
i'll be more and more busy, i suppose? with all the exams coming up. starting of the year, mid year, mid-mid year, year end, year end-end... yeap. exam year.  

and new year resolution? only one. 


that's all. :)

quote xinyee “2012难,又老又stress” 
and i really hope the white hair dont pop out this year, at least.  


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