class started today and i felt like dying already. 

i mean, who'll be such a joker, where they rub their eyes because the lab was too boring that you look around the slides when you're only a quater awake? well, i was that joker. 

my contact lens was stucked somewhere under my eyelids and im a half-blind woman running outta the lab towards the end when my fav lecturer is talking infront. i dont wanna do thattt but i just cant concentrate when im half blinded. and DAYUM! i thought it'll get back to its place but no. it fell off. -.- and there it goes... luckily i was smart enought to bring my glasses. :D and yeah. people see the nerdy boar ^( O(oo)O)^

anyways, i love my group 6 :D 
babies are... active?? bonding well i'd say. sho happy.

Potatos/oppa are funny and imma keep my plan going weehee :D

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