about the vietnam post.. i'll post it later when i have the time..


coz.. tooo much of it ledi




ytd wuz veronica's b'day~~~

went her house to gave her a supprise party~ teeheee~~ i wuz nice ~

it wuz fun~

happy belated b'day veron~~!!


krystle, can u send me the pics u took ytd?? thx~



ok.. today i went skl.. as what i thought. i went skl just to rott... ish...

but still... get back my chem n eng results.. damn f*kin bad weh... i worked soooo sooo soo hard for chemistry... and it ended up only getting 67...

67??!!!! no way!!!!

i put in soo soo soo much effort...

ok.. erm.. i just study for 1 day only larh.. basically.. but... why larh only 67??? yiu...  im gonna make sure im gonna got 80 +++++ for the gerak gempur to get A1 for the bloody average mark thatz gonna send n key in to the lembaga..


abt eng.. nah... dont talk about it... i got no bonus mark.... T.T... kok sze chung oso got.. i dun have... T.T...kok, im not insultin u lah~~~~


k larh gtg ledi


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