guess wat~ i get distinction for my violin exam!!!! unexpected!!! bwahahahahah!!!! actually i expected merit coz the performance that day wuz totally sux (to me~ )

but this time i get 1 mark less than last year, i wont forget, last year i get 132( it reminds me of 132 Petaling XD) , and this year, i get 131~ hehe~ but wherez my fav no.------2???? T.T


the examiner's writing wuz bad, BUT!!! tons better than kok sze chung's. teeheee

theres a thing he wrote that really caught my attention wuz.. at the last column---> a stylish performance.

i wonder what does he mean for that particular 'stylish' word.. hahax


btw, monday's exam changed frm physics to add mathz...

haiz.... how am i gonna study physics????

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