ok, this is a post about home decoration.. tsk tsk.. basically, i start need $$ to buy my own things .. seriously need $$$$ urgently!!!!


my home, hmm..for those who came my house before should know my house is actually not THAT messy... it looks kinda nead. BUT!! when you come to my ROOM or my maid's room OR my BROTHER's room... i think you will faint.


if i got $$, i will just re-renoate the whole house~ i mean.. buy some new stuff that i my family need it. i dont know whether you have this problem or not. which is YOUR bed is full of stuffs which are NOT belonging to you. under my bed.. there are lots of things which i dont even remember wth are they XD (what to do?? too much).. actually this happens after we came back from China for stayin there 1 whole year.



and guess what, since my cousin, his wife and his cute little daughter stay here while waiting for their house to finnish renoating... my brother is sleeping with me... yes... sleeping same bed. actually it really sounds odd... seriously odd~ ok back to topic. !! so , both of his guitars are at my room. I really feel like my room is like a store room instead of a bed room + study room .. w.t.ehf... 2 violins, 2 guitars, 2 music stands.. one big cupboard which i never use before (its full of my mom's stuff inside actually),by brother's toys.. (i dont understand why is it in my room), my dad's stuffs are also here... it really makes my room like a store room instead of sleeping room and study room XD XD. my uncle's files (which he is in hk..agn, i dont even understand WHY must he put his files here... cant he just scan it into computer and save it??? XD) AND!!!! FULL OF BAGS lugage!!!

as if im the one who always travel around (its my dad actually).. sooo nice if its real... awh~


i really wish i could throw out those things which are not a even a little bit related to me.. i mean, i dont need it...


actually, this not only happens to me, same goes to my brother. his room is already small, and yet.. the files, toys, my mom's cupboard... u know larh~


erm.. actually this post is for a contest to win $$ geh~


u wanna ignore oso can de~


photos uploadin later











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