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i thought i NEVER wanted A lvls to end. but. towards the end, i SUPERB SICK of the stress. DARN SICK OF IT! so, if u every say to me, im damn stress for SPM now, or... even normal skl test,ESPECIALLY IF U'RE IN SKL, I'LL DEFO DOUBT U! XD 

mann. doing A lvls is the 1st time in my life that i'd ever worked SO HARD for studies. yes. WITHOUT TUTION! i know some of u filthy rich people go tution for A lvls. im not like u people, GOT RICH PARENTS XD

now, i hope my results are like in end of sem2, =D i'd NEVER get that good results before, without tution, it was all my hard work. like. SERIOUSLY XD i even work MUCH harder that AS finals. wtf right? i know.

and, because of this,  AS came out quite depressing. for those of u who actually know abt it, yeah. its ALL because of bio. i REALLY thought that i could get at least an A for bio. but it turned out a WEAK B. and im like WTF?! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? but when i redo my PYP, for this time, retake bio, i finally know why. the ang mohs want BAPAK FULL ANSWERS! and im are like... hehehh half way through. if u know me well, u'll know that i ASSUME alot. =) thats why im bad in thinking skills xD yesh. i used to FAIL alot for my TKS in sem 1 HEHE! but HEY! I AT LEAST GET A B for my finals. not bad right?? UNGRADED TO B! =D thanks to Ms D's erm, GREAT TEACHING and the good thinking skills' classmates who always use TKS to argue on fb HEHEHEH

bapak. this is SO getting outta topic. 

ANYWAYS! A lvls, IM DONE! God please give me results that i wanted so badly all these while. PLEASE! i dont mind my life's boring. JUST, i need those results! :O


OWH AND!!!!! if u're free, mind clicking on this, 1st  like the page, then like this vid. 
i don't mind losing. but, just not so malu lah. 

 my mom is SO GAN ZHEONG. dont understand why oso. i'd lost my motivation d. anways, JUST VOTE FOR ME PEEPS! i might not sing DARN good as u expect, but just for the sympathy, just VOTE ME KAY? i love u peeps =) 


i hate asking ppl to vote me, because that makes me sound SO LOA, and despo ==

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