that was.. erm.. taken at.. 12am..??? 

when i've got NOTHING to do in the midnight, and having insomnia, and cant connect to maple server, the best thing i can do is... SS =D

eh eh eh.. dont lah gimme that wierd face.... I KNOW lah i always take all these weird weird ss pics :P BUT I REALLY GOT NOTHING TO DOOOOOOO... erm wait... what about the books that i bought ... ehhhhhehehhehehehe. I TOTALLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT XD 


its been since after SPM that i have my REAL holiday. even after SPM i didnt have much holidays, 3 weeks holidays i suppose? then CAL started. and after CAL's AS, the year end holiday was... really empty. i totally wasted that holiday. i can barely... erm.. not barely, I TOTALLY CANT RECALL WHAT I DID during the so called holidays. seriously. that was like.. i sleep for a few days, then college reopened. 

BUT! CAL was one for my fav part of my life. 
NICE MEETING ppl that i'd met frm CAL.
yes yes yes!!! u u u u u u u u!!! AND U !!! ALL OF U! =DDDDD


ANYWAYS, after CAL finals, guess what, i still got exams going on, violin exam, driving test. GAH. i cant wait for the S'pore trip :3


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