i never understand why some people always admire people who knows how to play any musical instruments till this second. 
its either they DO NOT have the chance to learn it, or the GIVE UP easily. 

it's quite heart breaking whenever u hear someone saying, i lost interest in (something). 
like for me, i feel extremely happy whenever people telling me how much they admire certain musical instruments. for those who don't have the chance to learn it, i really feel sorry for them, coz i can totally feel for them. when i was younger, i always wanted to learn drum, but heh, my parents doesnt even allow. they said, girls play drum, not so appropriate, doesnt look good with the legs open so wide there -.-

then, i wanted to play the cello after learning violin, i mean, i still have the interest in violin, but cello just looks so cool to play it, its so sad, and haha, im a emo person, emo ppl plays emo instrument. LOL. then, because its so expensive, and i'd really got no space for a cello at home, so, this plan's place aside, TEMPORARY! i swear if i ever have the chance to even touch the cello, i'd be darn happy. seriously.

 i understand for those, who's got so fed up of practicing ur music instrument, but hey, its the learning process. i always feel this way, especially when the exam's around the corner. i believe most of the u feel the same way too. fyi, i almost gave up my piano back in std 6. UPSR's a really stupid excuse to stop. i mean, if u're interested, no matter what, u'll continue. the reason i didnt stop was because of my mom. which i really need to thank her for this. and u say lost interest and give up just because of practice? this excuse is so ridiculous. i'd say u're stupid! STUPID!

u have the oppurtunity to learn it, why not just finsih up the freaking course since u're half way through? for the sake of the freaking cert which is pretty useful for ur future,why not? just work hard for about 2 more years. and u'll be free from it, at least u're done with something. 

and for those who stopped few years back, and regret ALOT, i feel sorry for u. coz i would've feel how u feel now if i stopped music. coz i wouldn't have any entertainment when im bored, just to entertain myself, and i wouldn't be who i am today.

what im trying to say is, guys, please, think properly before quitting ANYTHING. don't freaking disapoint people around u. coz u might feel regret one day, and heh, makes u feel like a loser, like IN YOUR FACE! 

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