life's great these days. 
ain't as bad as it sounds before. 
i'd cherish the moments im having now.
the laughter, the nonsense i did with those awesome people around me.
i feel so proud having talented people around me. i really do feel proud. u know who you are, if u every see this :)

partly it was because i passed all my stations for my formative osce, but that ain't smth big deal, coz i know im not the only one. but ofcourse, that did made my day :) i did look up for this freaking formative, taking it so heavy, when everyone's telling me, aiyaaa, its only a FORMATIVE!!!! why so stress? why so kancheong? 

i know i told this to some people, but i feel that i need to say it here, again, i cant afford to fail anything, anymore. not even formative! u can call me kiasu or what, idc, but i'd die if i fail in any of my exams. no joke. i dont wanna come in and fail my exams when my parents paid so much for this. 

omg. its getting emo :P
back to my awesome life. 
went to sri petaling pasar malam with friends just now. it was, haha, fun. i somehow feel i'll feel fun even im doing the most boring on earth with friends. not to say pasar malam was boring, its more of us walking together, talking loudly like no one's business, eat, shop, talk, see, tease each other, bitch, lol wtv u can think of :P never expected a night market trip to be so fun. ( i know its abit weird to say it like this) :P

anyways, im freaking tired and my ass' aching now. :P will sleep and post smth here.. someday... which is, few days, or few weeks or few months later perhaps? 


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