people, might think she's beautiful. 

but i think she's ugly. this is not some kind of jealousy of her .. interesting lifestlye?? well i dont envy nor admire her lifestyle. no. i enjoy mine very much. i like staying alone. it's a kind of freedom.

everytime she appears, it's the bunch of make ups on her face. it's obviously till the extent that when she removes her make up, u'll never recognize her. because the eyes are instantly shrink so much, and her brows, well, most girls who does make up all the time have this prob - the browless look after removing their make ups. 

so, why? 
it seems you people does make up all the time, it is almost everyday. well, your skin probably gets only 8 hours rest a day, and breathe, and that is time when you sleep. so why torture yourself when your skin will only get worse so much fast? and i remember you used to, and still, complain about your skin condition. why wont you rest your skins from those claimed to be organic / very efficient skind products? not to mention those cosmetics drains off your money in no time. also, those night parties, drinkings time-consuming-and-thinking-consuming-costumes. i dont doubt you having so much time. i really dont. coz you dont study medicine, you took... business or some managing course, if im not mistaken. 

its the mask after all u're wearing all day. i mean the make ups are as thick as the mask AND the way you mask yourself from the true you when you're socializing interacting with people. 

give yourself a break, have time with yourself, stop partying like there's no tomorrow. it's unhealthy. 

your family dont have that much money for you to waste on luxurious food, drinks, bags, shirts, shoes, PHONES, etc. save some money for your sister. i know u're quite famous in the town, tho a few of those people i know doesnt know you YET, they will one day. u probably got money from your writings and posts. still, save some for your sister. stop wasting on unnecessary unhealthy stuffs. and i really hope you do. 

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