Parents are nothing but the 2 person who made you, biologically. They are nothing but 2 people, who are elder than you, and think that they lived longer than you, hence make them far more superior than you, and basically, they own you. which is true. they own you, so you have to follow whatever they said. 

Parents, are nothing but the 2 person that claim that they care for you, in which, i dont know how many of them do so deep in their heart, then they will start scolding you 'for your own good', in which this point, i oppose very much. they 'care' for you, well, partly, if you're the lucky ones, they love you. whereas the unlucky ones, u're just here to please them. when things don't go in their way, they make you feel bad. they insult you in all kind of words. well, asian parents. this is typical, especially those who were brought up in an extremely asian minded family, like mine. To be specific, they haunt you with the same old thing you done wrong once, and they exaggerate it. Not enough? they tell the whole world, right or wrong things you done, they tell whoever they know when they talk about it. 

Or you call it a genetic thing. Your characteristic, your behaviour, its a total reflect of your parents. The thing in human is that they dont like to see another side of them in another human being. Especially, human pick up negative attitude from others so quickly that they didnt even notice it. One thing parents like to do - boast about themselves. This is how a parent wil do to their kids when their kids is not how they want. 'Can't you be like me? I've set a good example for you, why dont you learn me?' and then the scoldings start. Things don't work that way, to all of you parents. You see, when you boast about yourself, yes, maybe a 2 year old kiddo will think yeah i shall be like my parent. but as they grow older, you 'technique' of teaching kids dont work anymore. when they goes to the primary school, they mix with the others, they pick up others' behaviour, they start thinking, whats the point of me being you? it's pointless, useless, troublesome. why? because you never reason the right thing to them. 

Reasoning, very important survival skills in this society. 

and now, after such lengthy piece of shit i wrote above, i'll start explaining why i have such thoughts. 

My parents, just now, scolded me for what-ing them rudely everytime they ask me to get down from my room for dinner. It was out of sudden. Someone just decided to scold me since they've got the groove to scold people. yea, groove. 

Things you need to know is, i HATE people calling me for no reasons. i hate it, a lot. hence, that is a reflex of me reacting towards their act. when i ask 'what', i expect them to answer me, they didnt. another thing you need to know is, when u're finally in the mood to study, people calling you, without reasoning WHY, is extremely annoying. it just crushes your mood, for everything. therefore, the annoyed face. 

and the parents, well, they claim they are very understanding. erm, to me, their understanding level was only to a certain extent. moms always say this ( a direct translate in chinese) ' Its me who gave birth to you, so even your little movement, i can know what are you thinking' Moms just LOVE this statement to boast about them understanding their kids completely. reality = they overestimated themselves too much. 

If my parents would've understand me completely, they wouldnt scold me, instead, they'd talk to me about it, not yelling to me, when there's only 4 people in a car. 

The reason I cried, it wasn't because i felt guilty. I was frustrated, I was so pissed that I couldnt even talk back. As my age, crying in a restaurant, is a thing i shouldnt do, it was embarrassing. extrememly embarrassing. I tried to hold and suck up those pathetic tears, but i couldn't. i was just too pissed to suck it up. throughout the meal, the tears kept flushing out. Couldnt even eat properly, couldnt even finish that plate of rice eventhough i really wanted to finsih it. 

So finally, i decided to speak up after all these years. 
As what parents normally do, they shut you down. It was expected. But its pretty amazing to see those effect of the few words when you talk back. my mom was very pissed, she even intended to slap so that i stfu. no wonder my brother loves to talk back. those reaction, you'd never feel so special by pissing a person off within 5 words. 


All these, isn't it dramatic? 
groove- scold - cry while eating in restaurant - speak up - about to get a slap - stfu. 

well, all these, are actually a drama for my dad, to shut him up from nagging about my brother. no wonder she kept picking on me -.-
(if i knew it earlier, i'd cry more -.-)



Only a few more hours to 2013. 
I told you, 2012 is dramatic right? 

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