it's been a long time since i had a hard crush on someone. its hard for me. 

it's been some time since i had ups and downs over a person. it's hard. It takes time for me to develope these feelings over someone. 

but for a certain time, i miss those feelings somehow. Is it me or others' problem? It's as if every single one in the world have someone that make them feel that way. 

I miss those tachycardic moments when i see someone. I miss those crazy excitement looking forward to see someone, and those desperate moments wanting to be with them. my life has been kinda dull too peaceful since the year starts. not sure if it's a good thing. but i'll treasure these moments before those storms come. 

sometimes i wonder, what would my life be 10 years from now. i can't foresee a single thing other than im 30 exactly 10 years from now. 

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