It's been a must I post article about reviews of the year eversince I blog just for me to recap what I've done throughout the year. 

It's funny how this year treated me. I remember things didn't ended well last year and it quickly started.. horribly? Year started with exams then class immediately after it (only in IMU ME211 -.-). Honestly, IMU, stop doing things like these and expect your students to concentrate/do their work properly in class (especially PBLs) in situations like this because we WON'T and you knew it, AND STOP ASKING US WHY, BECAUSE YOU KNEW.

Then those postings. We had great time not going to uni I'd say  Thanks for giving us those opportunity?  It's fun knowing more people and knowing people more. 

Then there comes those annoying issues. But that time was so close to exam and the amount of stress managed to distract me from it temporary. Immediately after the exams, those emotions, sip in little by little, day by day, it's becoming so strong I can barely handle and I broke down eventually. I was too tired of it. Ever tried to give things up but you can't? That was what I was going through for the past few months. 

You always need a solid reason to give things up, at least I'm one of them. Or, you at least need that 'something' to stop you from doing whatever you're doing unintentionally that you eventually realize you've been doing all these while. 

Things weren't that low for the past year I'd say. There's nothing significant that defeated me till I need time to get up from it. If you're to describe it as a painting, this will be more of a red, pink, grey, and blue splattered all over like those modern paintings. 

2013 have been treating me good overall. All I need to worry were only studies, results and how to give things up. 

One thing I love about this year was how stable my relationship going with that 2 girls. When things get fucked up, they'll always be by my side with their words. Well, I do know people that thought that 3 of us LOOKS close but we're actually not. Don't think too much people. We have lots of similarities and one of them is we like having some personal space, for us to breathe, some privacy. We're those type of people who can't stand facing the same people 24/7 365 days and we LOVE being alone at certain specific time. So whatever you see, is what we are. I've always feel lucky to have them in my uni life, person whom I feel comfortable with, I can just say whatever and do whatever I want in front of them. It's really hard to find someone you feel comfortable to be with in your life. They're just so unique and that's the only word able to describe them. And yeah, you can call 3 of us freaks 'coz we do act like one most of the time. 

It's hard to find someone you love and you're manage to maintain your relationship as a friend but somewhere in your heart, you've already treat them, love them like a family. I'm glad that I'm sure that there's AT LEAST 5 I have. 


The world is full of love and what I noticed was people tend to neglect the love in them. Perhaps they were too distracted by their emotions towards other things. I was one of them some part of the year. But I learnt. I learnt to look things at a different perspective. I learnt to not get obssessed over small things and end up suffer from what I thought/expect things suppose to be. I learnt to give things up and thank God, things ended well just in time, just before the year ends. 

I'm grateful. :)

Especially with the accompany of these people.

3 freaks


The legendary 3 flowers and 3 grasses

Happy faces :D

Elective Gang all dressed up for prom <3

and thanks for everything you did for us, Estee :)

Babies I getta potato with <3
I really was the oldest there, semester wise. :/

BP Gang :)

and the day our OSCE ended. Glad we all passed.
Can't wait to see you guys in Seremban :D

Thank you, 2013 :)



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