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phew finnish chem test


TKS presentation n maths presentation will be the nxt. 


moral 2nd test on dunno when.. 

damn moral finals on 11 may.. damn u... 3.30-4.30 summore.. have to sacrifice my piano clx... ish

why the hell must we learn moral and have test and damn final exams on it??? 


im so gonna terminate that fella who suggested the moral final exam... screw u 

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kena kacau by someone... cant sleep for the whole nite.. ( u know who you are)


then went college...im seriously half dead for every single lesson... went so called jogging during moral


im super sleepy rite now... but if i sleep now 100% i can sleep at nite 1... 

soooooooooo, i think i shud take a nap lar hor??? coz i cannot tahan d... 



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  • Apr 24 Sat 2010 16:28
  • relax




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i LOVE today~~~ <3

had bak kut teh for lunch, which juyinn cannot tahan the cleanliness of the shop and the intestines in the bak kut teh. XD

btw, me n celine LOVE it XD

okay back to topic.

the reasons i out my title as this because 2day is my bitchiest day of my life. seriously.

since i got 2 hrs of break, after bak kut teh, 1 and a half more hr left, we went ECA.

as usual, most of the PM14s are there d. ^^ so, when going up the stairs, i told celine... 'haiyer, come up oni heard his/her voice.' those who know who im mentioning abt, good. excellent.!! bravo!!!  wtf

then for those who dont know, nvm. no need to know. unless u know dat person. HEHE

so, 1ce i went in ECA, chern ain n marku wuz having an super interesting conversation which i wuz so anxious abt. yea. so i wuz damn batt lar, kept asking them wat happen since they guyz wuz like half quarrelling... o wtv.. 

so yea, i actually get into the conversation. and bitching abt it, spreading to the PM14s abt it. FYI, is abt clubbing. i cant stand it seriously.

and i actually felt so tired after quarreling abt it. i actually need so much energy to talk. OMG haha

then, maths, sampat-ing the whole lesson... TKS, instead of having lesson in class, went to the damn tutor's briefing session... 

later piano clx agn. 

have to practise now. chao humans~~~

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i screwed up everything.

and now, im so sleepy.

why the hell must today have to periods of bio??? ISH

3pm, class ends.

3-4 TKS grp discussion.

5-6 piano practise at my teacher's place. USJ 3C

6.30-7.15 pm violin replacement class




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  • Apr 16 Fri 2010 23:05
  • swt

today is kinda wierd day...... seriously wierd...

u know wat... i chatted with jevan till 1 plus am ytd. then i tried to sleep, cant get into sleep oso.. till 6.30 am, when my bro is suppose to wake up and to skl ( FYI, my lil bro is sleeping with me =.= wtf) i havent get into sleep yet. after he went only i slept.

and then i really got a wierd dream. yea, jevan, as wat u said ytd, itz a BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE.

im really speechless with it. the whole storyline is really wierd, doesn't make sense, funny, sweet, sampat............... ok wtv.

i just dont know why, i always got wierd dreams... hmm... MAYBE BECAUSE IM WIERD

ok back to topic.

then, my bro actually smash my mom's net book. omg. i seriously dont know wth is wrong with him today. and ofcourse, the net book spoilt. sot d. my mom dint really scolded him... okay, this is seriously weird.... if its my or my the other bro doing this last time when we were at the same age as my youngest bro, my mom will definitely chasing us with the sexy cane. 

ohya then!!!! my dad is late for his work !!!! HAHA!!! not to say im evil laughin at him late for his work, but my mom actually woke him up 2ce. and wat he said wuz ok ok.. 5 more minutes.. half an hour more... ... ...  but he still woke up at 9 sumthing !!! and the funniest part wuz he wuz blaming me and my mom for not waking him up... wtf... i was sleeping lar.......... me pulak kena blame haha!!!!

and just now, my bro... he wanted to use the maxis broadband... with only limited 4/5 G to download movie..

DOWNLOAD MOVIE??????? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


therez still tons of wierd stuff.... but my damn bro is waiting for this damn broadband.... coz my damn parents dont let him use the damn modem... why dont they just fking let him use the modem??? OMFG!!!!!


so irritating u know, imagine a human sitting behind u looking at u blogging... OMG.....

k lar chao 1 st...


later they fking nag agn...

*my mood frm damn good turn till blardy not good. can see it frm this post... coz i seriously hate ppl nagging me when im doing things... ish*


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things aren't going on so well these days

i need more time to settle.

so dear time, please pass slower

though i used to wish time to pass faster... and kept saying i will die of the sien-ness

BUT !!!

not for this time, coz i've got sometime challenging to settle now with full of passion and patient.

 tons of things haven't done and holidays are gonna end VERY SOON!!!

wish me good luck~

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PEOPLE, i have a question.


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  • Apr 13 Tue 2010 23:56
  • 13/4


i've seriously been doing nth this holiday~!!!!!

everyday fb, watch tv eat n sleep XD SERIOUSLY

guess what, i forced myself to wake up at 8.30 in the morning today. its already a great achievement fot r holidays. rite??? n u wont wanna know the reason... haha coz u'll just feel so za dou XD !! owh welll... just tell lar.. coz im having piano class replacement at 10. 30 minutes to mandi, 1 hr to warm up my cute tiny lil fingers and my sexy dee ka chiu (chiu?? or siu?? wtv lar... anyways FYI, it means pig hand in hokkien XD )

then watch tv...

practise piano for a while...

and when ever i look at the books on my table.. i felt sleepy... omg.. wherez ths spirit that i used to have to study my SPM sej last minute??? OMG!!!! i so miss that spirited moment ~ aww~

then.. nth much...

watch tv.. on9... 

k lar damn sien d.. chao 1st bye~

oh ya be4 dat!!!our 22nd batch xue ji kun fa emitted hospital!!! hez infected with pancreatitis. spreaded to other organs too T.T too bad i cant visit him this week end...cute.jpg

PEOPLE!!! PLZ HELP ME PRAY FOR THIS FELLA~ THO IM NOT THAT CLOSE WITH HIM, but the  XUE JI'S ARE  FAMILY!! any of us have prob, we have to help out. i can do nth for him now, but pray hard for him to get well soon. so ppl, no matter u know or u dont know him, please . pray for him. dont b so cruel~~~15571_1260004416mZIK.jpg

ok bye


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i believe that most of u had checked out my fb status.

yup.its full of scolding ppl... why.. coz im really heart broken... till i dont know wat reaction am i suppose to give.

the more i think abt it, the more i feel dissapointed. u know?? the feeling is like worse than u fail any of ur exam..

mayb i put too much hope on it.. or mayb im too confident with it...


for the liars, i've something to tell u guys.

wtv u said... outta so many words, only 1 sentence is the truth.. others?? nah... i know u're tryin to so called comfort us me. but u know wat?? once u said a thing or u did a thing, thats it. it became a history. no matter how u try to fix it... it wont work... if u dont understand this, is because u dint get hurt by these way before. once u get it, u'll feel how pain is it.

frankly, i dont believe the reasons u told me. the real reason, is u dont get wat u want rite??? just say it!!! just tell the truth!!! u dont need to crap so much. just straight to the point. u'll hurt that person anyhow. then why dont u just say the main point?? save time, save energy, save electric, no need to think so much...

 its useless.

ohya, and nxt time if u guys wanna do the same thing to other ppl, rmb.. straight to the pt. dont give them a fake hope. because when they woke up, they feel more pain.

and u folks are trying to chill me down rite?? yea i know. i appreciate it. ( appreciate it? oh~wtv~ not in the mood to think so much)

okay okay... chilling now~~~~~




*deep breath*


ok. im fine now ~ ^^

time to sleep ~ chao~

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as Ms D said. time flies... its already half a semester. omg. so fast

though its holiday, but things to do during holiday is like mountain!!!!

ATCL exam is coming. semester exam is coming. darn moral exam is coming. TKS research paper. maths assignment. bio test. chem test.

i sound so lifeless agn. haha. what to do??? IM IN A LVLS OKAY??


went S.Pyramid with SOME of my classmates to watch HOW TO TRAIN UR DRAGON. ( im so lazy to type out ALL of u XD)

those ppl who so smart sms-ed me when im watching ... u know who u are. kacau nia. zho jv ngo laughing. XDXD

btw, that show is nice~~ funny. HAHA!!! breast metal. i seriously cant stop laughing till now once i thought of it. XD imagine u wearing 1 side of ur mom's bra on ur head as ur helmet.. OMG!!!15571_1260004416bO56.jpg


then went KIM GARY for dinner. no pic for it coz im so lazy to bring my cam XD

had a nice talk on sida-sida XD and lisa's gay porn vid XD


then. chao.

and now, here i am.  on9 watching tv and the nxt thing im gonna do is sleep. which is now.

bye and good night world~



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itz been SO LONG i dint update this place PROPERLY~ XD

reasons are because im busy and im lazy



ok lets start with last last week.

bzbzbzbzbzbzbzbz.... week... but ended up did nth XD haha


last monday, farewell for lixian~ T.T this girl ar, change to FIS.. T.T i really ngm seh dak u lo.... stop so fast and not studying for 3 months~ become a teacher in kindergarden huh?? good luck~~ kids now are devil XD which we used to be liddet HAHA!!

quote frm lisa: i hate u lixian. T^T






then moral... as  usual.. boring... ohya speaking of moral...  i thought i'll be failing my moral...  BUT I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!! WOHOOOOO!!!!!! get D haha!!!! who cares man!!! as long as got pass then can d larrrrr.. phew, so scared that i'll fail my moral test.. i din even study... im like super last minute oni study... and that damn test is so freaking hard... its like sej + thinking skills... die.... but still, I PASSED!!!!!!!!! lucky weh~ WEEEEEEEEEE~~


last week baru settle the thinking skills presentation, and guess wat, we have to prepare another presentation doing another research abt other topic... maths oso got presentation... what is this laaaaaaaa


but.. seems like these presentations will make my holiday not a holiday... haiz... lifeless. haha


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