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can't sleep the night before and u clearly know that u need to wake up early the next morning.

whatever u tried to remember just doesn't stay in your mind for long. no, wait, it's not exactly that but it just happen to flash out much later than u need it and since you can't remember, you start to crap and the fantastic part is u dont even know what the hell are u crapping. it's like a reflex thing, it just comes without you knowing though some might make sense but u know it doesn't make sense most of the time.

then the hands start to get colder, then it shivers, then palm sweats. 

and the mistakes are all over the place. 

ahhh, i have such an awesome nerves.


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  • Mar 23 Fri 2012 03:26
  • life.

I've got so many things in my mind. 
i've got so many plans to work out. 

so many things to buy,
so many things to achieve.

now that im a person with battery 100% charged.
i'm looking forward the days coming.  
and i believe life's gonna be good. 


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this is a cover of me singing skyscraper. 
its imperfect.
and its freaking tiring
because i dont have enough stamina like Demi have. 

anyways, i'd really hope u people enjoy this cover. 
and IGNORE THE THUNDER behind!!!! 

making a cover is what i really wanted to do all these years. 
but i never get satisfied with those covers and ending up deleting it.

i wouldn't say i'm satisfied with this, but at least, not as UNSATISFIED as those previous ones.  


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haha. oops, im scorpio :P 





















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2days postexam 2 


2days post exam

i love these people :D 

owh and the egg is soooooo nais :D


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no im not gonna talk about studies since its so disappointing. 

imma talk about days after exam instead 
so, this is what i did, slept for 15 mins during OBA and that helps quite alot for the night session. and dayum, its quite nice to sleep actually despite the careless mistake i made tho. :/

so i managed to join the junior's orientation like finallehhhhhhhh
i always wanted to go so badly. and its quite disappointing coz we missed the 1st really really important week, and ended up with ending the conversation within 10lines with them. 

and in case if u dont know, i screamed my lungs out cheering for my beloved group 6, no matter how/what their performance is. as long as there's somebody from group6, there u hear, my scream. i really wanna apologize to those who're standing/sitting around me that time. hope ur eardrums are still in functioning properly? :P

i really love my groupmate. thats it. 

and to the juniors, if that's so happen that u guys actually come across this post, i just wanna say that i dont care whether u people remember me, coz it doesnt matter anymore. im sure that u guys will know that we so called 'sem2s', kononnya, really wanted to join the orientation with u guys, but 1 thing u guys wont know is how we felt, how much we'd actually wish to be part of u guys joining every event with u guys. 

anyways, i had fun entertaining myself, screaming, cheering, kacau-ing, bitching with and sayang all my beloved, U KNOW WHO YOU ARE :) and for those who're not, dont be so busy body, coz u're thinking too much. -.- *bitch stares*

so yeah, everything is all about entertaining ourselves with the belovedS :)
its good to have people u love around u, doing stupid stuffs with u without being concern about ur freaking image. i love u guys <3

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