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U know, I know, we ALL know, most of the people on this earth dont like complicated things. 

even in  studies, love, life, etc. 

is it a must for people to complicate things in their life? isnt your life complicated enough to figure your future out? why do people tend to complicate their things around them and make life so much more miserable? 

or is it the same theory as playing a hard music piece, showing off your techniques, what u're capable of, or solving a guinness record standard difficult math question to prove that u're smart, in life instead. 

or is it because of the hormonal change that affects the thinking and the 'mood swings' as people grow that causes them to think too much, complicate things up, and end up doing childish/stupid stuffs? 

the world full of rumours, though i havent heard any of mine, it's really complicated i'd say. i'll just be the one who's sitting out there, as if watching things happening in the crystal ball. it'll take me a huge step to get into that world, its too much. i'll drown by those words and saliva. 

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  • May 26 Sat 2012 12:01
  • 或许


又或许你们不在乎, 但我们都在乎。 我们真的,很在乎!

不是你们呼之则来,挥之则去。 我们, 都!不!是! 



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I dont know if you have this problem, because apparently, I have. 

sometimes, the same sentence, in my mind and after I say it out, it is like two whole meaning. Somehow, sometimes, I got too excited and the tone changes, i start to talk they way that my mind doesnt programme to deliever the message. HOWEVER! i tend to say it in a sacarstic/bad/evil/etc way, BUT MY MIND DOESNT EVEN MEAN IT! and to some people who dont know me that well or not that close to me, they'll hate the way I talk and they eventually hate me. :( yeah, one of you. 

I know, I can't please everyone in this world, neither I am so LoA, desperate to be the most likable person in the world, NO! I'm NOT! 
but to certain people, i do think that way :P 

anyways, I'm just curious if u are having the same problem as I do. hehe. 


signing off peeps. 

nights :)

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Dear Uni folks, to those who think im PMS-ing/shit face-ing, my apologies. 
i really have no energy to smile to you awesome people like i usually do. My weekend were exhausting, it was interesting however. :P

the whole saturday was all about children, KIDS!
first was teaching, 4 hours was tiring enough. then it was outing straight after i finished work to S. Pyramid for shopping till late evening then dinner in SS17 (the food there was REALLY awesome).


the desserts especially, it was awesome! my favourite was this one below :3

im somehow a dessert crazy fan nowadays. 

btw, i was back home quite late night at saturday. 

THEN! when everyone's sleeping, im doing PBL at night, midnight :P

without getting any quality rest, im out again the next day, with quite a crappy health status. feeling so sick in the summit. but well, it's mother's day. celebrating mother's day in summit with my family. which is again, awesome despite the crappy health status. :)

and this is the reason why im so tired today, playing with my cousin's daughter 2 days straight. Playing with hyperactive kids are... tiring. really tiring. 

so yea, basically that's why im not in a mood to even smile & talk properly to some of you people. 


P/S: Moocow's new blueberry flavour taste sooo good
belanja anyone? :3  

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  • May 03 Thu 2012 22:22
  • food



raspberry macaron
the appearance totally bought me out 
it taste... not bad i'd say  


class starting on the coming monday. 
frankly speaking, i dont know if it's a good sign that i feel... nothing...
owh okay, maybe not nothing.
i cant wait to see the bunch of crazy people because i miss them so so so so so much
and the course, well, new system, i've totally got no idea how is it going to be.
heard people saying respi's a hard topic.
and it keeps me wondering :/


food, is what kept me moving all these while 

cheers folks

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1 week break after finishing a system is great. 

at least i've got time to rest my mind out, sleep like the nobody's business ( it is actually :P) then catch up with what i left behind ( although it ain't much... it its always better than nothing) :D

there's a say, 'sleeping is a medical student's luxury'. 

well, i disagree this saying when i first heard because i just couldnt understand how can a person crave for sleep when u're only studying. then slowly, when the days are nearer to the sem1 exam, i start to think, damn i need sleep, im lack of it. and that onwards, i cherish my sleeping time, each and everytime, i'll make sure i have quality sleep :P

sleep rawks :D 

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  • May 01 Tue 2012 16:41
  • words

i've been blogging for years. and yes. i never like to go back and read the post i blogged. because it seemed so childish. and i somehow dont like to face the fact that im childish because i truly believe that i AM mature, at that moment, and a moment later, hahh, i still think that im childish :P 

as you can see, my blog updates are getting less by year. 

not that i dont feel like blogging, but i've got nothing to blog about.
or you can read it as, i suck in words, i suck at writing. 

no matter how good the topic that is for me to blog about, i somehow never type it into words, the sentence that im satisfy with. Never. Just somehow. 

i have friends complaining to me that my blog's dead, and i always reply them with a smile, or a laugh, and continued with, 'yeah im busy', or ' i've got nothing to blog about' 

well, the reason i said i've got nothing to blog about, as i told you, i suck in words, i dont know how to put those feelings into words, it's something deep inside me, it's huge, and it's so condense. and everytime i have those feeling, its when i want to blog about, but i just cant put it into words. ahhhh words, you're killing me.

even when it comes to studies. how much I just wish that im better in language and understanding, so that I can remember things with less effort. 

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