Nov 21st.

The day I turn 21.
It's the day OSCE ends, the end of Phase 1. 

Speaking of OSCE, it was horribly done I'd say. Questions weren't that hard to be honest, it was direct in fact (except a few). I just don't know how can I perform such horribly especially in front of those lecturers whom I really look up to. Yes I regret for slacking during the OSCE night. I saw this coming and in fact i did nothing about it. My bad.

Anyway, back to the day. 

SO AFTER THE EXAM, straight to the birthday/post-exam celebrations.
There ain't no great huge party like how other 21 bday celebrations. 'Coz I'm too lazy for it. Those who know me well will know that I'm a lazy bump and I just hate planning things especially for myself. (You certainly can't expect much from a person who's lazy to even think of what to eat for daily lunch/dinner)

Thanks for those who celebrated with me no matter what's the story behind that you appeared that time, Thank you. I really appreciate your effort. As for those who didn't appear but wanted to appear (you know who you are), don't feel bad about it. It's the heart that counts. :)

Both lunch and dinner were great. 
It was tiring as I never had more than 4 hours sleep for the past... God-knows-how-long. But it was indeed, like what shuwhey said, a warm gathering. People I don't get to see often, people whom are leaving, people I feel comfortable being with, they all are, and I gotta say I love them a lot. More than you thought you know how much it is. And I'm more than grateful to know each and everyone of them. Thanks for everything, including your presence :)

All I wish is this turn out to be a great year. That's all I'm asking for. 

[Photo credits to MingHui and ShuWhey] 

Michelle Too.

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