time passes soo fast~ teehee

from last time, i kept hoping SPM dont come so fast.. and now, spm is gonna end... i'ved settle 7 subjects, 4 more heavy subjects to go~which are BIO, PHYSICS &CHEM.. oh ya! and also BC



you guyz might wonder why i say bc is a heavy subject...  easy!!! BECAUSE, i dint really study bc this 2 years... i'ved been ponteng bc for more than 20 classes these 2 years XD and basically i go bc just listen what teacher said, and i forgot when im home... funny huh?? no offence, but my teacher 's teaching is kinda bored... h.a.h.a


btw, the add maths today to me... hhmm.. to me.. it isnt hard but complicated.. it need lots of time to figure+finnish it. but i still managed to finnish it tepat tepat half and hour before it ends. so i manage to check SOME of it larh... as usual... bundles of stupid mistakes... just hoping that i can get A for it... i dont dare to hope for A+.. coz i know im not that good genius




wish me good luck for the following heavy subjects~






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