SO! =D prom was over, which means, yeah. we're officially dismissed. wtf. =( but, its true also, people who're not local, will go all the way back to their hometown. and the locals are still stuck here, until, IF they have any chance to study in other country..??? IF..???

gosh. why'd i start this post with such a.. ... ... A SAD FEELING??? NOOO!!!




SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets make it sounds fun because IT IS! to be honest, the overall program was quite boring, if u actually follow every single thing. BUT!!!!!!!!!! c'mon!! WE ARE STUDENTS!!! =DDD basically, most of us ignored the emcees xD and i actually getta overheard their conversation, that they are, abiiiiiiiiiiiiiit pissed that we're actually ignoring them. HEHE they were like... THEY ARE NOT LISTENING!!!! TALK SO MUCH FOR WHAT???? LOL


then, ofcourse, i ignored. again. xD coz i was busy recording the teacher's dance. HAHA!
and there u go, the teacher's dance. =D 



owh btw, the 1st performance, before the teacher's dance, was.... nice... BECAUSE THEY INCLUDED XTINA'S SHOW ME HOW U BURLESQUE =DDDDDD u know~~ im a xtina freak..!! HAHA! it seems that im the only person who screamed when they played xtina's song xDXD bapak excited okay!!!! =D

basically, we enjoyed laughing at people yesterday. 

prom was basically fun! i mean, because its new to me, i find it interesting, doing my own things, AND IGNORING PERFORMANCES WAS REALLY FUN tho i know its really really RUDE. but i cant help it. =D NOW I KNOW WHY PPL USUALLY IGNORE PERFORMANCES WHEN PPL ARE PERFORMING =D its not that they dont wanna respect them, its just, sometimes, too many performances, and when u're unlucky, people thinks that ur performance is boring, then.. they... DO THEIR OWN STUFFS =D

i was thinking, if i were performing up there, i bet people will do the SAME THING. so, i'm really glad that im not performing, having great time messing around, walking around =D and also, at least i know i sing better than some of them (HAHAHAHAHAHHHA!!!! LANSI LAH NOW!!!!)

anyways, the food kinda sucked, but luckily i was kinda hungry, so, HEHE! i ate it, or i'll waste my.... .. seratus lima puluh ringgit. WTF! btw, i think the best food was the bun with butter xD

anways, im darn lazy to talk so much here.




quite alot ppl cant recognize me in this pic. BUT WHY???? IS IT THAT DIFFERENT???



kong wanyung!!!!!!! =DDD

 the 2 hawt girls
im already missing u so badly 


the queen of PM14. 

for this, as i said on my fb caption, its for seejia. =D
we didnt forget u seejia. <3 



im the easiest to spot. I KNOW! XD

OWH THIS ONE! i came in just like that. 
without asking any permission xD
i know im rude. HAHA 

eeekkk spoiler behind there xD


always pretty. =) 



believe it or not, they are fighting for me GAHAHHAAHHAHA


she's so gorgeous right????? *jealous* 


its yinwei, 
my... ... .. long lost (seriously) primary skl classmate


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