i personally am NOT a 'must win' people. i dont mind losing at times, tho im quite a kia-su person, but still, SOMETIMES. =) 


and most of the time, towards things that im NOT interested,  I DONT FUCKING GIVE A DAMN SHIT ABOUT IT even if i lose. its okay that u win, withor without u deserving that , I DONT FUCKING CARE. but DO watch ur words u sucker! DONT FUCKING HUMILIATE THE OTHERS! thought that u're the best or some shit. if u win, u keep ur mouth shut or u freaking fake thank those ppl who helped u, I DONT CARE! but DO ASK UR LEHNGS aka ur FANS to shut the idiotic mouth that humiliate other ppl up! keep those words to urself if u think we are such a loser like how u think with ur narrow realistic idiotic brains.


im not dead, i can read. and yeah. THE BEST PART IS I so called do a background research you people!!


P/S: u are somehow a loser whenever u think u're a winner.
so, watch ur words winners. =) 
better not to piss losers like me off.
coz WE losers are good at cursing people.
owh yeah! 

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