Convocation was yesterday.

That was, indeed, the end. These feelings are finally creeping in after a night. 

Five years. Neither short nor long. Too many things happened. 

Five years. We met people. and we lost some of them. Some of us don't talk anymore. Some of us don't even say hi when we pass by. Not even a friendly smile. It hurts to even think about who these people are. I mean, what have I done to you that u're treating me like this? 
We loved someone. and we let go of our hands to them. 
I'm not sure how long more will some of us stay with each other. But I don't want to lose any of you. 

It is like everything, has finally ended. We are dispersing. Everywhere. and I wonder, when will be the next time we see each other? 

I sang 'love will set you free' during the dinner because the lyrics got me. I feel that it pretty much describes us all. 
We're all so busy with our 'own new life'. Some thinks shit's ended. There's no way they're turning back. Well, I would like us to keep together. Everyone I meet, I try to walk into their world and see how do they look like. Good or bad. It is the moments we were together that I cherish. Everything is part of growing up. and to a certain extent, I regretted not getting involved with more people. I regretted not getting into those puddle of shit and solve it out together because I was lazy to socialize and I was sick of people calling me fake. I regret because I know one day, things we used to say was wrong, will be then alright. 

As I always say, I'm not good at words. 
But hey, just so you know, anyone of you, I'll be there if you need me.


P/S: oops this is more emotional than I thought it should be. DAYUM 


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